Honda Win 110 - $350 ONO Hanoi

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  1. Hi,
    Just drove my Honda Win from HCMC via Cambodia where i drove it for 3 months and had it fully serviced and then recently took it from Cambodia through Laos to Hanoi. It has handled well through the monsoon rain and rough tracks. No problems of note.

    $350 or nearest offer. call me on 0127351028 or email: [email protected]

    Comes with...
    Lock and Chain,
    Blue Card (Registration)
    State Insurance (officially mandatory)
    Bungee Cords
    Huge Plastic Sheet, good for a raincover for bike or luggage
    Dust Mask

    Great fun to drive,
  2. Hi Tim,

    I like it. I am in Ho Chi Minh City. Where are you now?
    Btw, pls let me know: Which country is your Honda Win registered? What is its registered no.?

    Nghiem / [email protected]
    090 6789 001
  3. Tim
    3 months on the road Vietnam - Cambodia - Laos.....any chance of some tips & a trip report to help others please.
  4. Hi,
    Sorry I ended up selling it to a honda win dealer in Hanoi so not a great price but i guess that's just the economics of time, right? Can't live forever trying to sell the thing!

    David - can you send me a link to where I should post my trip report, there a few border crossings that i guess might be interesting, like taking my bike from Vietnam to Cambodia only with a blue card but not in my name!

  5. 1. Vietnam

    2. Cambodia.

    3. Laos.

    :wink: Thanks any tips & contributions on what was good / bad / easy / fun / not to be done again - are most welcome.

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