Honda Win 110cc @Siem Reap/Cambodia - 250$

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    I bought this serviced bike on 29th November 2012 in Hanoi from "Phung's Motorbikes" (see for $300 + $20 for the reck. You can see the purchasing agreement if you like. The bike has taken me all the way from Hanoi/Vietnam to Siem Reap/Cambodia and is a great runner. I've been going roads where I met 2 people the entire day and the Win has been a very reliable companion on a great trip without ever failing on me!

    My asking price for the bike is: $250

    Details about the bike:
    - 110cc engine, 4 gear
    - Electric starter
    - 10 liter tank (consumption 3 liters/100km, takes you easily 250-300km)
    - Racks for side bags & rubber straps
    - Vietnamese registration papers (blue card, first registration 26/08/2008), so you have no problems taking the motorbike to Vietnam!

    I bought the following accessories you will need on the road and would like to sell them with the bike [purchasing price in brackets].
    My asking price for entire package below: $50

    - Andes helmet 306E "gray" [$23]
    - Side bags [$30]
    - Rain gear (2 raincoats, 1 pants, 1 poncho) [$15]
    - Motorbike gloves [$10]
    - Woolen gloves for weather and face mask against smog [$2]
    - Spanner & chain with lock [$8]

    I also have the following, if you are interested:
    - Additional helmet
    - Lonely Planet Vietnam 2008
    - Lonely Planet Cambodia 2012
    - Map book of Vietnam with detailed roads

    My contact details if you want to go for a test ride in Siem Reap. Can also tell you about the highlights of my trip and give you some advice!

    Call Robert: +855 973 058 318

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    Good luck selling the bike. It certainly sounds like you had a good time.
    Any chance of some pix & a few tips on what & where, how good / bad it all was.

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