Honda Win for SALE - Saigon /.Ho Chi Minh city

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  1. Great condition Honda Win for sale.
    Bike reg. 75K8-0935
    Date of first reg. 06/11/2008
    Bought in Hue.
    Ownership documents etc. all included.
    Oil has been changed regularly and also the chain has been tightened and greased often. Bike is well maintained. Clutch, breaks, gears etc. all working perfectly.
    Comes with helmets bungee cords and good advice!
    No problems on the way down, bike has run like a dream.
    Asking price $330 dollars. O.N.O.
    Will be staying in Saigon a while but want a quick sale.

    Luke Poulson
    Mobile: 84902356945
    Email: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. 110CC
    Year of reg on the ownership papers is 2008.
    It is a Chinese model - Henge.
    Done me well and great for touring 'Nam

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