Honda Win for sale somewhere in Cambodia before 25th of May


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May 21, 2012
We're selling our awesome Honda Win (100cc), not because we want to, but we're going home.

We bought the bike in Vietnam, so it comes with the necessary papers, should you want to take it back there. We had a luggage rack welded onto the back of it, so it's good for two persons with backpacks. If you don't need the rack or don't want it, it shouldn't be a problem to remove it.
The former owner bought it from Vietnammotors and took good care of it, and we kept that up, giving it a new piston, battery and gear rings during the last two weeks. We also changed the oil frequently.

We can basically take it to the following cities or near to them, if you need it: Battambang, Siem Reap, Sisophon or Pursat.

If you need it, there's also a few tools, an extra spark plug, bungee straps and a helmet. If you haven't driven with clutch before (or not driven at all) we'll of course show you how it works.

Asking price is 350 USD, but send us your offer and we'll think about it.

here are some pictures of the prodigious machine;)

write us at: [email protected]

Dagmar and Stephan