Honda Win - With custom rack,helmets,bungees and papers - only 300$ US

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    Hi there just finished a trip from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh / Saigon
    I am looking to sell at a Honda Win motorcycle I bought in Hanoi with papers when I get to Saigon in about 3 days.
    It took me and my girlfriend across the country along with 2 huge bags, a drum and a guitar, so the bike is strong to say the least.
    It took us up and down mountains without a hitch.
    It has a custom fitted rack and comes with 2 helmets, bungees, spare spark plug and papers included.
    Ill also include a free riding lesson for beginners.
    We are looking to sell the bike and accessories for 300$ US
    email me on [email protected] to buy
    Thanks :)
    Comes with
    Side racks (cost us extra $35)
    Bungee ropes
    Brand new helmet with visa and one used helmet
    Blue registration card

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