Honda XL600 for sale

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  1. Excellent condition Honda XL600 fitted with 500cc motor 1 year ago, has long range steel fuel tank, (400k's/fill) new front tyre, and battery, with legal Thai rego, green book, plate, and Thai bike passport for travel out of Thailand.
    Have been to Laos 2 times and around Thailand, no problems at all.
    90,000 baht for more info email me at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] or fone 06 11 22 99 1 Pete.
  2. now why would you fit a honda xl600 with a 500cc motor?
  3. It was fitted because the last owner of the bike was not able to have the 600cc motor fixed without great expense of importing the parts from Japan as these bike parts are not available in Thailand.
    He was able to find a 500cc motor which had been imported for another person but never collected. The motors are fitted the same, just one is bored out more so performance is similar.
  4. If the suspension is okay and the frame not bent or rusted through, it should be a good deal for 90.000B - considering that some people pay way more for a 12-year-old Honda Steed 400...
  5. Yes the prolink suspension is good and there is no rust whatsoever in the frame, it is not an ex rental bike and luckily the previous owner who had the bike from 1991, looked after it very well. If I was not returning to Australia, I would keep the bike. It has never broken down apart from a flat battery and I used the kick start till I got a new one. I may even import it to Oz but i dont know what costs Im up for yet.
  6. Is this bike still available?
    Where are you located ,Iam (will be in Udon Thani)--but only will be back to LOS in early July.
    PM me please

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