Honda XLR 250 Baja for sale

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  1. 40000 km, 1993 year, bike in Chiang Mai
    Well maintained and cared, comes with green book and number plate, road tax until 2016
    Over last year have done the following maintenance:
    - brand new Keihin PD79 carburetor
    - engine rebuild: new piston +0.25, timing chain, camshaft bearings, countershaft bearings, replaced all the seals and o-rings top and bottom end
    - new valves, springs, valve seats cut in machine shop
    - suspension/linkage cleaned and greased
    - new steering bearings/seals, new wheel bearings with seals, new rear wheel hub rubbers, new speedo assembly
    - fork serviced with new seals and guide bushings
    - new kick start lever, CDI, rectifier, front brake master cylinder, rear brake rotor, 520 chain and 48 rear sprocket, clutch disk and springs etc…
    I have done myself all the maintenance/service with care and all original Honda parts.

    49,000 baht
    bike in Chiang Mai
    061 6803512 Rudi




  2. Bike is sold.

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