Honda XLR250 for sale in Cambodia

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  1. Honda XRL250 for sale.Good condition with rear rack, in addition the bike has been fitted with a Baja tank ( 15 litres?) Giving a range of 300km plus. Bike has 13,000km on clock believed genuine. I have had the bike serviced regularly new hi grade o ring chain, new tyres , new battery. Bikes in very very good condition.Bike will be available March 22nd onwards in Phnome Penn. Will arrange transfer docs etc pics here

    if looks like a duck swims like a duck its probably a duck
  2. Hi
    Model year and price??
  3. Hi I believe the bike is a 2001 model year colour scheme. Its registered in Cambodia, but can be delivered to C.M. (without import papers possibly). I paid 110,00 Thai baht just one year ago and have added about 7,000km to it. I can register it in Cambodia if wanted. Priced to sell 85,000. Please be aware this bike is immaculate !!!! Has been maintaqined without regard to cost, Jap O ring chain, H.D. Tubes, fitted light switch ( jap spec has no light switch and Cambodian, Loa police like catching Barangs. Not your usual hard worked tatty bike.

    if looks like a duck swims like a duck its probably a duck

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