Honda XR 250 1995 electic and kick start for sale

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  1. I am selling my XR 250 1995, I used to have some papers for the bike but they got lost, I still have some import documents so. The bike is in good condition and has kick and electric start. Piston and Valves and engine were overhauled about a year ago, by German mechanic Joe. I had this bike for about 6 years and only used it for trail riding purpose. Never rode it over 100 km/h because of the rear sprocket with 49 teeth, the bike pulls up any hill and I am 130 kg, it never let me down in the jungle, recently I changed the rectifier and the stator on this bike, so everything is perfect now.

    I am asking 45 Thousand Thai Baht for it or near are some pictures...
    2012-05-26183653. 2012-05-26183639.
    2012-05-26183622. 2012-05-26183610. 2012-05-26183550. 2012-05-26183540. 2012-05-26183532. 2012-05-26183523. 2012-05-26183514.
  2. Need some price 35.000.--THB
  3. Bike sold to a happy owner, thank you...

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