Honda XR 250: advices please...

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  1. Hi all,

    I just got a Honda XR 250 from 1995, found here in Chiang Mai...
    On the parking lot, my Honda CB1 400 is now very glad to have a buddy!

    So I would appreciate advices on tyres for the XR 250, knowing that I shall only ride on the roads around the city and maybe a "soft" trail here and there but definitely not for "trailing" like a mad...

    Then, what is this little light on the left of the dashboard marked "SPEED" close by to the speedo? Shows the gear engaged or is an alarm for high-rev of the engine?..

    Thx to all
  2. How about some road & trip reports too?
  3. Sorry David, I don't understand what you are meaning...

    There are 4 lights: turn, neutral, high or low beam and "SPEED"...
    What is this "speed" light for?

  4. Hi Gobs,
    You can Buy Thailand Made Dunlop Dual Purpose Tyres here which would be Suitable for the XR. They are the Same Spec as Japanese Made Dunlop which most of us use here, only Difference is they are 1/2 the Price :D About 1000 Baht for front and about 1700 Baht for back. If you can't find them in the Shops around Chiang Mai call in to the X-Centre anytime and i will show you the Brochure and can order them for you. Keep in Mind i am away till 3rd of July!
    Depending on What Country your XR came from I am Guessing the Speed Light is a Warning light to indicate you are doing the Max Speed allowed by the Law of the Country :?: Same as the Jap Import Cars to NZ have the Light and Stupid Bell when at Speed :roll: Ignore it :idea:
  5. Thanks Ian,

    Maybe you are right with the light... The XR 250 I just bought was imported from Japan... There is nothing like that in Europe...

    Thanks again, for the tyres. Motocross Shop on Moon Muang Road have one set F & R "made in Japan", and asked me 4,500 Bahts for both!
    I shall try to find these Thai-Dunlop at Piston Shop... or elsewhere. If there is noway, I shall call you.

  6. Hi Ian,

    I went in a motorcycle shop, near the cross-road at the end down Night-Bazar (TAWAN MOTOR, if I read well his name from Thai writing on his business card...). I know already the guy: trusty, friendly and helpful.
    After a phone call to BKK, he said to me that the Dunlop made-in-Thailand tyres are not more available... He can only get Dunlop made-in-Japan tyres, but sure, not at the same price (about 4500 Bahts both F&R tyres).

    So, are you sure, Ian, that you can get nowadays this made-in-Thailand tyres?
    Or what's the trick?

  7. that light is obviously a reminder to keep your speed up.
  8. You're a genius HH...


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