Honda XR 250 Enduro with green book

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  1. angkor1

    angkor1 Ol'Timer

    Honda XR 250 Enduro for sale. Perfect running. E start, numberplate green book ( Chiang Mai ) 68.000 Baht. New piston 3000 km now. Sprokets and chain now 1000 km old.

    Attached files 276834=8987-h600%201. 276834=8988-h6002.
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  3. ballbkk

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    Pm sent 8)
  4. angkor1

    angkor1 Ol'Timer

    The bike is in my name. Green book and all papers in my hand. Tel. 0873249196. I m going back to Europ on 07.03.2012. Book, Bike and papers than by my friend Peter in Chiang Mai.
  5. ballbkk

    ballbkk Active Member

    after talk to you at telephone

    please send contact number in Chiang mai Thai or English

    i will go to Chiang mai tonight

    [email protected]

    is my email

    my telephone number is 0853585147
    my name is ball
  6. angkor1

    angkor1 Ol'Timer

    Honda sold .....

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