Honda XR 250 year 2006 (Latest model)

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  1. Hello ,

    I'm selling my Honda XR 250 with only 6000 KM (with invoise)
    Very good condition , looks like new.
    The bike is in Chiang Mai
    Tel : 084 6264083 - 089 4331650

    Price : 130000 Baht The Bike is SOLD


  2. nice bike bro,,
    cheap in thai and expensive in malaysia.. :shock:
  3. I'm wondering about that too Captain Slash , anyway , it is possible to register this one too , he's totaly original and made in Japan.
    Also no tax anymore because they lifted the tax here below the 250 cc

    Another plus point is , it has alot more power then the Kwasaki KLX :idea:

    The KLX from Thailand is not the KLX 250 S from the USA , remember this :wink:
  4. What's the difference between the thai KLX and the KLX 250 S from the US?
  5. Use google and you will find it
  6. Since you seem to know it, why don't you tell me?
  7. Oh , i forget , also the S is missing in the back of 250 :wink:
  8. You Guys sure are Posting alot on the Same Subject? I have Ridden The XR250, Owned a TTR Raid and now Have the New KLX250. Very Little difference in the Performance of Either of them??? The Delivery of Power Varies between them but I doubt there would be much difference in a Straight Drag? HP Figures, Who Knows the Truth??? The Brochure Quotes 29 HP for the KLX??? Could You tell the Difference???
    There are a lot of Differences between the Carb Version and the Injected Version i have picked up. Trying to Fit a 2009 KLX "Two Brothers Racing" Exhaust from the US doesn't work on the New Injected 2009 here. You have to Modify the Pipe as the Header Pipe on the Injected Version is Smaller than the Carb Version and it also has the Oxygen Sensor in the Tail Pipe which needs Fitting!!! But besides it all Who Cares it is Still a New, Registered Cheap Bike and If you can Notice 2 or 4 HP More or Less You are Better than Most, Specially when Riders Weight Probably Varies between 65 to 100 Kgs??? Just Enjoy what you Have or Get!
  9. I wonder what kind of brochure that is 29 HP

    Its not good to give wrong information , so i took a picture from my brochure what i get from in the new Kawa shop in Chiang mai and post it here.

    so , 7 HP differents makes almost 1/3 of the whole power of the engine and my opinion is that everyone can feel that. :shock:

  10. Guess it was me starting this confusion... I'm seriously interested in the D-Tracker and wonder how much it actually differs from the KLX and other 250cc Enduros. A test ride of those bikes would answer all my questions, but I work during the week and have no time to travel to Pattaya to rent one. I'm planning a trip to BKK and get some answers at the Kawa dealer; but riding the bike behind the shop for a couple of minutes (if possible) doesn't really tell me if I could live with it.
    That's why I'm asking all these questions. What if I order a brand new Tracker and then have to find out that the injected bike makes 20% less power than the carbed version?
    Ian, I agree with you, a couple of horses difference is splitting hairs, and your last post kinda told me what I wanted to know, that there's very little performance difference between a XR250, a TTR250 and the new FI Kawas. Thanks! That's what a forum is for, riders sharing real world experiences with anybody who's interested. Won't find that in any color brochure.
    Europeans usually measure power at the crank, which is about 15-20% more than at the rear wheel. That's probably why this website states 29hp on the 2005 carbed KLX250:
    Also I've seen D-Tracker wheelie videos on youtube; very convincing.
    D-Tracker it'll be and no more questions! End of discussion.
  11. Hello Captain Slash ,

    My Bike is sold and i think i get a fair price for it (118000 Baht) a Thai man

    What do you think ? because i was a little afraid that i would be stuck with it for a long time.

    Cheers ,

  12. Check out the rims,(not Excel) spokes,tires, chain, disc brakes and possibly the suspension on the Thai made D-tracker they may be different if you compare them to other versions sold elsewhere, but everyone has to cut corners to reduce prices. Apart from that I think they are basically the same engine wise.
  13. These things makes me also confused , not only the HP we don’t know for sure :?

    This link says dry weight 138 kg ... LX250.html

    The picture I posted from my brochure also say dry weight is 138 kg (FI version)

    Early post from Ian at BKK motor show 2009 model 29 HP says 127 kg (FI version) so they put somewhere 11 kg extra on it :roll: ... 6-s25.html

    Next link from the 2005 KLX whit 29 HP says 117 kg :(

    Then they say the Ultimate lightweight dual purpose new 2009 model ….. they put 21 kg more on it since 2005

    So , i think we are not sure about anything , and still i did go to the Kawa shop today and order a new KLX :wink: because i was tired of looking around always if there wasn't a checkpoint :shock:

  14. Makes you wonder how Red Baron in BKK can ask 185000 b for an 02
    xr 250. I think they will have it for a long time.

  15. Yup, that's 100,000 more than I asked for my superclean '03 VTR250 with less than 8000km - okay, it doesn't have an upside-down fork, but a 32hp watercooled V-Twin should count for something...
  16. They are married whit it for this price :roll:

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