Honda XR250 vs XLR250 (pre-96)

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  1. I am wondering what the differences are between the early 1990's (pre-96) xr250 and xlr250? I have been told quickly, rear suspension, cam, piston, plastic vs steel gas tank.

    I noticed that the xlr swing arm has holes for mounting pegs but didn't notice any other significant difference in the swing arm. The xlr also has a steel gas tank and the xr has plastic.

    Does anyone know more specifically what the differences are in the motor? Is it actually a different piston? If so, I guess longer or shorter stroke? The sprocket set ups are obviously different too but thats pretty minor anyways.

    Lastly, the R or L after the 250 number refers only to it being set up light-wise for legal road use, right? No performance differences in that last letter?

    And since we are on the topic, how about Bajas? There can be xr and xlr bajas right? The baja model just has a bigger gas tank and dual lights, no other differences?

    So is there any easy way to identify it visually other than the gas tank and swing arm? Please fill me and/or correct me in on what I missed here. Thanks for the info.
  2. Oh ya, I guess another important thing I am wondering is the difference in HP between the two. Its hard to get a lot of info on the XLR as it apparently wasn't available many places including the US.
  3. Blake - Yes the piston is different between the XR and the XL-R. The regular XR is higher compression (domed piston) which results in a lot more boost in power. I would assume the cams are also different but cannot confirm this. The XR has a decent bit of poke over the Baja.

    Remember the regular XR is also kick start only where as the Baja is electric start only(though on the '96 model I believe also had a kick start mechanism as back-up). The Baja is also heavier due to the larger lights (more metal), steel gas tank, passenger pegs and brackets, heavier battery and electric starter motor and gears on the crank.

    The Baja can also be bored out (utilizing the KLX 300 piston with the piston crown shaved down I believe) by knowledgable tuners and also stroked. Our very own Honk had one that was thrashed about by him that was punched out and stroked to somewhere about 312 CC's in a desperate attempt to make more power.
  4. Thanks for the info.

    As far as the Baja, I beleive they offered both the XR Baja and the XLR Baja though, right? Although I see your point that the extra weight of even the XR Baja would slow it down compared to the stripped down XR.

    My dad has the early 90s XLR and a shop supposedly bored it out to 300 but I don't know what piston they stuck in it. And now a more-reputable shop that kind of specializes in XRs says that he doesn't believe its anywhere near 300cc just by listening to it.

    I have about a 97 Baja that is basically just an XR now. It has electric start, just a regular headlight and a steel XR tank, not the over-sized Baja tank. At this point, I guess there isn't really any Baja left in it other than the little light bracket on the steering yoke for the baja lights. Would there be any other difference at this point?

    And back to the early 90s ones, does anybody know the difference in HP between an XR and XLR?

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