Honda XR250L 1997/98, e-start/kick start with legal green book and plate

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    I am selling my beloved Honda XR250L 1997/98 model with green book and plate. The bike has e-start and kick start. The condition of this bike is superb, very well looked after and many upgrades:

    1. PD racing carb from the R-series (I will also include original carb, if needed)

    2. Eibach 12 kg rear shock spring ( I will also include the original shock spring)

    3. Pro Taper Fat bar (Original not Thai copy..never bends)

    4. Wiseco Valves just changed recently

    5. brand new cam chain guides and cam chain

    6. Piston changed about 1500 km's ago

    I still have a few more extras for that bike if needed. ( Mikuni Flatslide carb and Keihin FCR33 flat slide carb, extra tank 14l....etc....etc)
    Those extras I will sell separately later.

    The bike runs strong and has a gear ratio of 13/47, so enough torque for the mountains and still gets a nice top speed.

    Asking price is (105,000) NOW 95,000 THB

    If interested drop me a line here: [email protected]
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  3. another great plus I forgot to mention, is the use of CRF250L rectifier, almost bullet proof, never failed and cheap to replace, if it ever goes. I think I paid about 900 THB for the rectifier and maybe 100 THB for a new plug for the wire harness
  4. Now that's a bike that could tell a few good stories. Great machine & a fair price especially with a legit green book.

    Good luck with the sale.
  5. Yes David, very true. The bike is still in very good condition. I am open to reasonable offers now, as I need some space. Cheers

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