Honda Xr600r 1993 A Classic

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  1. Here comes a great classic, with a complete rebuild engine. Since the rebuild I put around 2500-3000 kms on the clock. The bike runs strong. It's a nice bike for fast single track racing/riding here around the North. It is kick start only, but not hard to start at all.

    The bike comes with proper invoice documents but no green book. Have yourself a bit of fun with this monster. The bike is in mechanical superbe conditions. I paid 90k THB when I first got it and put another 40k in rebuilding it.

    I will sell the bike plus a couple of extras for 48,000 THB, reasonable offers accepted 20525903_10203266252014508_4791201916851068941_n. 20525916_10203266249574447_7175583472283123677_n. 20525953_10203266249294440_9129278952880878392_n. 20525990_10203266249854454_4666783320899524528_n. 20526010_10203266250694475_5698048950094166112_n. 20526263_10203266248614423_4441904420849603319_n. 20597385_10203266248414418_8805151533088106354_n. 20604198_10203266250374467_6050213445898827026_n. 20604395_10203266250254464_5986337631280703180_n. 20620880_10203266250054459_4674265691489432526_n. 20620977_10203266248854429_8967974870551891694_n. 20638007_10203266251814503_6507125105918705567_n. 20638222_10203266249174437_7222777131793086521_n. 20638560_10203266250814478_1856606376078142745_n.
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  2. 20526010_10203266250694475_5698048950094166112_n.
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