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  1. Honda XR650R, Year is 2001, good condition. Recently serviced, new pads front and rear, filters and carb rebuilt. Aftermarket Renthal bars, Acerbis hand gaurds, Arrow exhaust and Quicksilver pumper carb. Comes with quite a few OEM spares, all new, levers, front and rear sprockets, head bearings, chains, gaskets, air and oil filters, cables, brake lines and clutch assembly. The bike has a plate and green book, I've had it for the past 10 years, taxed and insured a few months ago. I'm looking for 165,000 baht or there abouts. The bike is in Korat, I can be contacted on 0819996961.

  2. Wow, assuming it's in good nick, and it sounds like it is, that's a very good deal for a plated XR650R!!!
    Good luck with the sale! Bet it will be gone in a day!!! :happy1:
  3. Wow, this hasn't sold yet? I just lost a bet... :lolno:

    So so tempting!!! :happy2:
  4. I am Sooo Tempted Tony! A Pretty Old Bike but it looks in Good Condition and it is a "Legend". Would certainly be a Great North Thailand and Laos Bike!
  5. A quick update. Unfortunately I need to cancel the sale of the bike. It turns out that the book is dodgy, the bike got taken to the the land transport office today to get the name changed pending a sale, registered in Bangkok the Korat office contacted them to get permission to change the registration to Korat, Bangkok agreed and then the Korat office checked online the frame number I'm told and then came back and said that the number was not for that bike. Frame and engine numbers match the green book and the description in the book is correct. Anyway, turns out the name could not be changed, luckily the office never made a fuss and told my wife to keep the bike as it could still be registered in her name every year same as before. Anyway, appolgies to those that were interested, I rarely use the bike these days and hated to see it sitting doing nothing when I knew it could be enjoyed by someone else. I guess an old legacy from a Bangkok bike shop where I originally bought it as I had read similar stories over the years.
  6. Hi Kev_O,
    Sorry to Hear that! Bloody Shame as that Bike is a Legend! But that was the way they did it here with imported Bikes and probably still doing something similar! Luckily with New Big Bikes being Sold Legitimately in Thailand I hope it becomes a thing of the Past but doesn't help those with a Grey Plated Bike! The other Problem created by Changing Numbers is if You have to Order parts for the Bike You can't quote Numbers which makes it a lot more difficult to get the correct Part!
  7. Yes, a real shame as it's a cracking bike in immaculate shape and with a ton of extras, but was registered back in the era of recycled books. :(


    Absolutely no hard feelings towards the seller- he was totally honest and upfront from the beginning about the "uncertain" status of the Green Book. Only one way to know for sure, and that's to try at the Dept of Land Transport office, and to be fair, even the DLT was sympathetic, but nothing they could do as the VIN in the Green Book does not correspond to the bike.

    Hope you can find time to ride the XR Kev- what a FUN bike!! :happy1:
  8. sorry mistake

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