HOREX is back from the dead!

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  1. KZ

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    Maybe some of you remember the HOREX name, it stood for advanced, high technology motorcycles during the times before and after WWII. HOREX started building bikes in Germany in 1923, building 250 to 600cc four-stroke singles. In 1933 they added 600 and 800cc twins which already featured chain-driven overhead cams - quite advanced for its time. WWII interrupted production but in 1948 HOREX was building beautiful 350cc singles again, named "Regina". A 500cc OHC twin with 30hp came out in 1951, the "Imperator". In 1954 a 400cc twin with 26hp was introduced.
    Daimler Benz took over the company in 1960 and production was terminated.
    I was born in 1960 but have heard the tale of fast, beautiful and technically advanced bikes of the HOREX brand, so it came as a total surprise to me to see a new HOREX model which is quite a knock-out and should make some waves on the motorcycle scene: a 1200cc supercharged 200hp bike with a three-cam 15 degree VR6 engine! I even like the retro/standard look of the bike.
    Go here to get more info and see some first pics:
    http://www.autoblog.com/2010/06/17/2011 ... a-retro-s/
    Also lots of info if you google "HOREX".
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  3. mbox999

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    This is some real great looking naked v6 bike! I would love to ride this bike....
    Horex-Thailand ......wishful thinking :smile1: :smile1:

  4. nikster

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    She's a beauty... assumed sales price in Europe 20,000 EUR... woo hoo :)

    Any native English speakers think that Horex is a bit of an unfortunate name? I am not so not sure.
  5. Franz

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    She's a beauty and if ever built will be some collector's item first. More info, not yet built, the one on the web is a clay model. Right now they are building one engine at Munich's technical university. Frame will be alumina, belt driven, not like the clay model where you can see a chain. As Klaus stated, VR6, 1200cc, 200 HP, compressor charged.
    They've got an own website already set up: www.horex.com, sorry it's only in German right now but you can click on fotos and get an idea what's planned.
    BTW the name HO-REX comes from 2 other names, first the city of Bad Homburg in southern Germany and it was founded by the "REX" company which went offline in 1962, those with a little higher age of us will know the REX brand from mothers kitchen, they were manufactoring glasses for pickled fruits and veggies and very robust.....rgds, Franz
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    The styling is a matter of taste, those who dig design excesses and bikes that look like a low-flying rocket will be disappointed. Personally I like the looks, even though it doesn't make much sense for a 200hp bike to be naked.
    But the engine is definitely something special: a 15* VR with TOHC (triple overhead cams) is a world's first. The VR configuration for motorcycle use has been patented by Horex so the Japanese can't bring out their version in a couple of years. Also there is no existing MC engine featuring a supercharger with intercooler. The pistons tops are angled so the combustion chambers are on the same level and the three cams are level. Two intake/one exhaust valve percylinder add up to 18 valves.
    Horex is still looking to set up a factory in Germany and are serious with producing this bike.

    As impressed as I am with this new german manufacturer, I'd rather have a 600cc VR3 with 100hp for half the price... ;-)

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