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  1. Ray do you know this big event is on a week later same weekend as other bike party.

    SURIN ELEPHANT ROUND-UP AND ELEPHANT SHOW November 21 – 22, 2009 08.30 – 11.00 hrs Srinarong Stadium, Surin. ... sp?id=4146

    We may do both events

    Anyone have any hotel information there mihgt be difficult to find somethign this late on?
  2. Surin is rammed for the roundup. I did it a couple of years ago for work.
    See here. Warriors.html

    There are a couple of hotels right next to the railways station that have many rooms and will probably have a vacancy if all else fails..... Prices double though. Grotty but bearable. If you want to spend more there is an excellent hotel near the bust station. The majestic I think. Normally its around 900 baht (great value) but will be more for the roundup.

    There is also the 'Farang Connection' if that's still there. Good food and fast wifi.
  3. Got lucky maybe:

    We booked a room for 500 baht a night at:

    at the Krung Si Hotel

    044 511037

    For the 21st and the 22nd
  4. Ray, I'll be in Surin on 21/22 too.
    My reverse gear, i.e. my wife's familiy is from Phayakkaphumpisai, ( I love the name so much, I tell everybody about Phayakkaphumpisai ) only some 80km away, they have never been at the ELephant Fair. Consequently, I invited 20 village people to the party,

    How about you? How big is your entourage ??
    Shall we loosely plan to meet?

  5. Me and the wife so far. It would be fun to hook up with you guys.

    I've been told I picked the worse Hotel in Surin, a step up from camping I hope LOL

    I want to check out the farrang connestion while I'm there.

    My mobile is 086-229-8884
  6. Great, noted your mobile.
    We are booked in the Ivory, apparently brand new, therfore in no list
    1500 b

    The owner 0844799944 Khun Suddee also arranged for the purchase of the 25 tickets at no extra charge, while Martin the owner of Farang Connection, wanted 50b per ticket. I dont have a problem to pay for service, but if I can get it cheaper, why not.

    This illustrates a good sign of hopefully good hotel experience at the Ivory.
  7. See you there. Ok we booked into the same hotel for the 21 St and 22nd. Purchased tickets for the Sunday show since we will be traveling Saturday.

    Lost a 500 baht deposit but, I would rather be comfortable. Not an everyday thing for us.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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