Hotel recommendation in Surat Thani

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  1. For my daughter[:I] who wants to go to Ko Phangan for the New Year[}:)]
  2. 100 Island (name translated from Thai) is a surprislngly good. clean hotel, with nice rooms and good beds. We paid , I think, 650b in June, one of the best values.
    Draw back it is not in a charming area, neverless quiet, situated vis-a-vis Tesco Lotus.

  3. Mike

    2 other options
    1) is to get the night ferry to Phangan, leaves around 10-11pm, I have done it a few times to Samui, you get a matress to sleep on, and there is a direct ferry from Surat to Phangan.

    2) other option is to stay the nite at Chumpon, then go via Koh Tao, I believe as mentioned on this board before, Chumpon is supposed to have the best disco in Thailand.
  4. grin, John´s suggestion may have much more sex appeal to your daughter than a boring business hotel with good sleep probably guaranteed. I guess at her age sleep doesnt matter yet too much.
  5. Tell your daughter to FORGET Koh Phangan and pre-book tickets for New Years Eve at Papa2000 Disco in Chumpon... the best disco in the world... ... 20108&v=4Q


    If she is determined to have second best, I stayed at the Ringaree Resort (sorry no number) near Chaiya which is about 50Km North of Phun Phin (where Surat train station is), and about a further 13km to Surat Thani...

    Surat and Phun Phin are shithole towns that only exist because of the transients passing through to the Islands, and the highway traffic... it was nice to stay out on the gulf in a little Thai resort... ... 20111&v=3p


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