Hotels between Betong and Yala?

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  1. Does anyone that has done this ride know if there are any hotels/resorts between Betong and Yala? If so what is their general location? Thanks!
  2. Hi

    Just did that road few weeks ago and not so much hotel on the road, better you push to Yala to get a room for the night, it is only 120 km between the 2 towns .very nice scenery.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I was wondering as I was thinking of doing this section on a bicycle (push bike) and 120k isn't that long but from looking at Cpt. Slash's photos, and google earth, there appear to be hills, which can make it longer.


  4. excuse my ignorance Captain, but after all that scary things about Yala.... is it anyhow dangerous? or problematic(police checks etc) there in south? i having troubles with aoboporo even here at phang-nga...
  5. thanks Captain. Wish you all be safe there.
  6. pls push to yala or stay in betong to dngers stay in between two area..
  7. Enjoyed that fantastic road last month on a XR650-

    Brilliant road but NOTHING as far as lodging until you reach Yala. All locals advise strongly to not travel that road after dark. I've ridden it twice now in the daytime and so far so good. YMMV :happy1:
  8. just went thru there in Oct , loads of road blocks and army on the road, Tanks as well.
    I did not see any places between the 2 stopped in Yala 500 baht/night
  9. Recently exited Thailand at Wang Prachan (Satun) end of Oct and went across the top of Malaysia an re entered Thailand in Betong an than went up to Yalla.

    Saw no place to stay between. Beautiful roads and scenery,
    passed maybe 40 roadblocks ( un maned in Daytime) Army patrols on the road and armed military at road stops, Half track/tanks with maned machine guns on the road, Razor wire on road side an at all schools, banks, military camps

    I would not want to be on the road at night and not sure they even allow travel.

    I saw 2-3 maned check points heading south from Yalla where cars and trucks were being stopped but none coming north
  10. What has impressed me both times I've ridden through there is how friendly the security forces are! I guess they don't get many tourists and/or friendly faces.

    It's a terrible situation they are dealing with down there and I hope someone will find a way to resolve this conflict as Thailand's three restive provinces boast some fantastic roads, friendly people (except the ones that want to kill you...) and are really quite beautiful!
  11. They are friendly allrite.




  12. How'd you go Bob?
  13. I realise this is an old thread however, updates are always a good thing right? I have ridden this road over a dozen times. DO NOT stop between Yala town and the Hala Bala bridge, especially if you are with females. This is a fantastic road but there are people there who shall we say, dont have the same mindset as us.

    Yala town has some great food but in all honesty, I would push the extra hour or so to Songkhla where it is a much better place to stay. Going south, the MUST stay place is Happy Garden Google Maps

    The owner is a personal friend of mine, a biker and overland rider and the resort is VERY biker friendly. I strongly suggest a ride up to the old communist tunnels, Piyamit, and around the temperate flower gardens. Fabulous quick ride and finish up with a foot soak in the natural hot springs while sipping a cold Leo or Singha.

    In Songkhla I would recommend the L'Residence hotel apartments. Just near the Thaksin University. Very cheap at around 600thb, super clean and great bike security. Good local food right down the alley and around 10 minutes ride to the Samila beach. Google Maps

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