Houei Xai – Luang Namtha. via Muang Meung, Xieng Kok, Muang Sing.

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  1. Houei Xai – Luang Namtha. via Muang Meung, Xieng Kok, Muang Sing.

    You can ride from Houei Xai to Luang Namtha taking hwy 3, and doing the 190kms in around three hours. You can also take the long way via Muang Meung, Xieng Kok and Muang Sing which is about 270kms, and it will take about 8 hours, if it’s dry.

    Going this way there’s 90km of tar, and 180km of dirt. But 60km of that tar is the road from Muang Sing to Luang Namtha, which is a great ride through the Nam Ha National Park.

    The turn off to Muang Meung 30kms north of Houei Xai on hwy3.

    The dirt starts near the beginning of the turn off.

    The dirt road from the turn off to Muang Meang is easy going, and in pretty good condition.

    A good thing about going this way is there’s hardly any traffic, the scenery is good, and your on the dirt of course.


    Lunch stop, my sandwich didn’t look very inviting after being jammed into my camel back for a few hours.







    After Muang Meang the track narrows the jungle thickens, and the riding gets better.


    The section between Muang Meang and Xieng Kok can get slick if there’s any rain. This truck was stuck on a small hill, and a guy was trying to fit chains to the rear wheels.


    I don’t think Id ride this way to Luang Namtha in the wet season.


    After Xieng Dao the track follows the Mekong to Xieng Kok.

    Nice riding through here.


    The last river crossing before Xieng Kok, and a good time to wash the mud off your boots.

    The scenery is like this most of the way to Muang Sing. In a few weeks this area will look stunning as the rice appears from the water.


    The tar road from Muang Sing to Luang Namtha. Great 60km narrow windy road and lush vegetation.

  2. Great ride!!!
    I can't wait to back there!
  3. The way to go for Moto-Rex = off-road. Great to see you back on the road riding & reporting.
    I bet it feels good after so long away in Oz too!

    This Mekong pic is a beauty with the rocks in the river
    it makes you wonder how the boats navigate through those narrow rocky channels - incredible skills!

    Let us know too how the 5th edition 2012-2013 GT Rider Laos map compares to the 4th edition. Any better / any worse.
  4. Nice report. Looks like you have a lot of luck with the weather .:)
    Nice to meet you in CK before your Trip; Hopefully I'll get to break my Cherry in Laos this year :wink:
  5. Hello Moto Rex,
    Nice report.
    Interested to know that you don't have to put your bike on a boat anymore between Xieng Dao and Xieng Kok.
    Thanks again for sharing.
  6. HoueiXal-LuangNamtha24.

    Thats a very pretty ride Rex and yes, this will be a great sight when the rice comes up but I suppose that this route would be abit of a mess by then?
  7. Nice one Rex! That's a lot like the way Hwy 3 from Houei Xai to Luang Namtha looked before they made the highway.

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