Houei Xai - Luang Namtha

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  1. The old road with a bit of a hole in it.

    The road now
  2. Is the guy away from the hole already? :lol:
  3. Another hole in the road on the same road.


    And incredibly the the guy in the hole hit the hole whilst riding his bike, & he was the third bike in the group! :roll:
    The 1st 2 riders saw & missed it, but not the 3rd guy. :shock:
    I will try & did out some more photos. Pikey was there & might have some pix + comments to add. :lol:

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  4. The beautiful old jungle trail road through the Nam Ha protected area.


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  5. Ah, my first ever trip to S.E Asia :D

    No pics from me as I was one of the ones that missed it and was subsequently stranded a few more km down the trail after my Pegaso decided it didn't like the diesel fuel that it got topped up with by the farmer - remember the "curse" of the lost city?

    Bloody big hole alright and Greg (the rider) must have let his attention wander as it was easy to spot. Lucky bloke as it was a fair drop off the trail down to the river below and the jungle stopped him and his bike from a nasty tumble. :shock:

    This was a bigger hole though:




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