How about a gallery for "readers rides"?

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  1. Chaps,

    I'm a relative newbie, having only lived in this (mostly) wonderful country for a little over a year, but in that time, I have come across some let's say, unusual bikes and unconventional solutions to problems involving parts availability e.t.c. With this in mind, does it seem like a good idea to have another forum showcasing the bikes we actually ride here, the probs we have had getting spares, the work arounds and the people that help us keep our bikes on the road?

    My thinking would be a post with a pic of your bike(s) and details of the mods, together with a mention to the bike/machine shops that have been helpful in sourcing/making parts so that we can all benefit from good workmanship and the guys that run these kind of places maybe get more business. After all, personal recommendations are always the best.

    Just an idea........


  2. Sounds like a good idea to me as I think GT riders is a great forum but does lack in the pic department
  3. yes i agree..its a bit hard to load pics.. here..i followed a guy called bamboorat,,and read a good post by silverhawk,,,its all there..just takes time to read it,,,managed to load some photos onto photobucket....havent posted any biky pics,just boring photos of my dog..cheers
  4. Here's my ride.


    With my kid sitting on top.
  5. good pic berty..i am fairly new here to.wouldnt mind sticking in a few pics,came in here once,,and there was a guy practising posting pics,,i was following and reading..didnt t take him long and he was i know u have to do it from a web site,,got photobucket,thats about as far as i got,,didnt have any decent pics,,so didnt proceed..i also know u have to paste and copy,,,,have forgoten how to do this,,any advice,would be b4 the weeks out there will b a some good pics in here..thanks
  6. Kev, I use photobucket too and it's easy to post from there to here:

    1. Upload your pics to Photobucket in "message board" size. Lots of guys here have dial-up connections and any larger takes an age to load.

    2. When uploaded, go to your album and under each pic you will see 3 lots of writing - URL, TAG & IMG.

    3. Copy/paste the IMG info complete from Photobucket to your post.

    4. Preview your post to make sure the pic is there e.t.c and you're done!

    Hope this helps.

  7. Yeah agreed that we could use more photos at times, but the problem really is that people don't / can't insert images themselves from their own photo sites.

    Photo: Spotted in Nan a month ago & dont think she knew what the T-shirt was all about.

    The GT Rider board is not set up to allow photos uploaded & stored on site. The photos need to be stored on another / your own photo site, then a hyperlink inserted on the GT Rider board & hey presto up pops the photo. Smugmug is the paid site I use, but Photobucket is a popular freebie that works quite well.

    Photo: In Chiang Mai & how not to park you car.

    Using this method there are already hundreds of photos in Road & Trip reports on the GT Rider board. Just take a look at some of the reports from Silverhawk, myself (Davidfl), Craypot, BarryBBQ, Big & Tall, Rhodie, RobertH and many others. (Thanks to all those guys who have & are contributing.)

    Photo: In Mae Sarieng 6 weeks ago, after the floods.

    Now it appears to me as if at the moment there is a lack of road & trip reports and an abundance of questions from new members. New GT Rider members / riders are always welcome, as those of us who have been around for a while know how hard it was years ago with so few motorcyclists touring it was hard to get info / help. I / we like to help fellow riders by sharing tips & info to make life here easier. But we also like other riders / members to contribute to the board with their own road & trip reports to share the info & not just get the info they need, have a great trip then P.O.Q without putting anything back, or just a promise of next time…I’m real busy back at home / work now (& there’s a few of you with different inconvenient excuses!)

    Photo: Mae Sarieng flood damage.

    The aim of this board has always been to promote motorcycle touring & sharing info via trip reports = a rider's board, & I’d like to keep it that way. This will only work with more contributors.
    The main reason why the board will stagnate is if not enough guys contribute Road & Trip reports, and anything is better than nothing, plus photos if you can to keep it ticking over nicely.
    Now there are many riders lurking on the board, picking up bits of info & tips all the time, riding (Thailand / Laos / Cambodia) & not putting anything back. If you have the time to do the research to read the board to get all the info you need, then after your trip you have the time to write something & put something back in. Again – anything is better than nothing, even if it is just to confirm that the info provided was right, but you can at least acknowledge use of the board & make any brief trip report/ summary - what was good / bad, how easy / hard it was, your best likes & dislikes.

    I’m open to suggestions how improve the board & am prepared to open other forum categories, if you think it is going to help develop a better motorcycle touring community.
    So far the board's behaved well & does not need much "management intervention". Lets keep it that way.

    No smoking alcohol on the GT Rider board please!

    And that’s enough of a rave & rant from me for now.
    I hope you keep riding, enjoying life on the GT Rider board & sticking your photos (& reports) up.

    Nice bike, but how do I get my photo on the GT Rider board?

    Random photos have been inserted to please rigger & co.
  8. Berty,

    Seen a number of photos of your bike but it is always parked. When are you going to ride it? [:D]

    Hope to see that monster at Chiang Mai Bike Week.
  9. David, I have been reading various trip reports, some were very informative, down to the point. I personally am not interested in to many personal details of other people, emotionally I will not make the samesame trip anyhow even if it is the samesame route.
    The exception are, of course, experiences from which we all can learn, can be on guard for the unknow risk/ trap. But to find those with valuable info was a treasure hunt.
    I find focused straight questions und equally straight answers more helpful. I agree that much too generalized questions imply that the writer wants all preparatory work done for him. But if someone wants to answer , all the better for the writer. It´s an open forum.
    Let me provoke a bit=
    1.My dream would be have a map displaying the route rather than never ending descriptions of rights and lefts. I want to visualize. Plus Telegram about danger/ problem points.
    2. Photos I find of less interest, taking the right point can make the most shitty location look unique.
    Again, emotionally each one of us will never see the same, never do the samesame trip.
    3. In real telegram style info about places , accommodation, people of help.....

    Looking forward to hear .............
  10. thanks for the imfo guys,,,,still a bit stuck on the copy and paste...anyone help,,,pikey your post helped a copy and paste do u right click on the photo?lets have a practise...might see some dumb pics coming up...please bear with me.will get it right,,bear with me ...that doesnt sound right,,,maye be its beer with me.
  11. Kev, try it when you are sober mate! Don't copy/paste the pic, but copy/paste the info that is in the little window labelled "IMG" directly into your post and then use the "preview reply" button to check it out and stop yourself from looking like a computer illiterate f*ckwit before submitting! ;-)

    David, agree 100% about input vs output - this board would not exist if it wasn't for the trip reports and yeah, lurking and just picking up info without any feedback is pretty low......

    Regarding the pics and as Pico says, the "emotional" side of things. Well, to me this board is like a kind of web based social club and through posts, people's personalities come out, which i reckon is a good thing. For example, if you read back through my posts, you will see that i am a pisshead wanker who loves MotoGP and talks better than I ride, but WTF - as my wife says "happy, enjoy!"

    The focus should for sure stay on concrete information but personally, I see no reason not to mix in a little bit of fun and a few pics.

    BTW Pico, when are YOU gonna make a trip report? No malice intended but you must be having some fun and experiences on that outfit of yours down in Phuket so why not tell us about it?

    Cheers to all,

  12. Agree with Pikey. The emotional side and seeing things through someone elses eyes many times adds to the experience of traveling and motorcycling. I have learned a lot from other peoples tales and feelings. There are some very entertaining writers on here ( I am not one of them) and their stories are some times funny, some times sad or just make you think. Far better than just a "telegram" of cold facts.

    I also like INTERESTING pictures that add to a trip report. I don't care for photos where someone just wants to show off their new bike or girlfriend, but if it is a good photo relevant to a report, all the better.

    As for posting a map instead of directions, let's remember this FREE site is provided by someone who makes their living selling maps [:D]. I think BUYING the maps and posting directions is the least we can do to support this site.

    RE: photo posting. I tried to explain it all in a post that is now under New Users Forum. It gets a little confusing but once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy.

    Do NOT hit post until you have tried "Preview". This will show you if your photo worked or not without having "dumb pics" added to the board. Make a change and try "Preview" again. When you get it right, then hit post. I think I previewed my last trip report post about 5 times before I finally found all the mistakes.[xx(]
  13. Mate, just got back from a 600KLMs loop around Khao Yai. I'll be in CM next week. see you there....
  14. testing a is a photo of my dog. bugga the pics,,..trying to send it.....says send a pic..where do i send it to?gt rider? i know i got to stick i got the message board..but i dont think ican just say message board.....go back and read more ...lets try..if anyone gets a photo of a mad boxer...i f...kd up
  15. silverhawk...u sound like a very wise man...had read all of yr posts..very interesting.iam a bit like u..not wise.. but have a lot of time on my hands, to many yrs of doing night shift...still cant sleep..spend a lot of time in here...everyone is different..i try to put a bit of humour in the forrum..have a lot of years of motorcycling,mainly in NZ,have had a few arguments with guys ,,with guys not wearing safety gear.shit this gets right up my nose,,,who wants to go 200 plus with no safety gear.trying to download sum pics,,,, have to read more,,the people seem very helpfull iam sure ..i will get it rite soon.....CHOOKE DEE..
  16. Kev-

    You are missing the point somewhere on how to post photos. FIRST your photo must ALREADY be on a website somewhere, like in a photo hosting website.

    Guys are using and (not positive on the web address, but you can do a search). You CANNOT copy, post, email or in anyway put an actual photo on GT-RIDER.COM

    ALSO make sure your photo is notlarger than 640 x 480. I usually use about 500 x 320 or something like that. You can resize your photos with a photo editor on your computer, or I understand that on Photobucket you can limit the max size of your photos.

    I have sent you an email with specific step by step instructions. Hope it helps.
  17. I discovered the GT Riders forum only a few months ago whilst researching our impending holiday in January and am now firmly hooked - on information and personalities...!

    Whilst having added a word or 2 here and there (and the odd pic) I have become gradually aware that I don't really have anything constructive to add which would help anyone else in Northern Thailand (obvious really given that I live in the UK and have not yet visited Cnx..). This together with a feeling that only constructive reports are really welcome has discouraged me from contributing somewhat.

    Believe me when I say I wish I could describe exploring the mountain roads and reporting on weather/flood damage/accidents & long nights in steamy bars or steamy nights in long bars...but sadly I cannot. A crisp Sunday morning run round the New Forest and breakfast at SM's (Sammy Miller's not S&M...) doesn't quite cut it.

    Therefore I can only add a word or two where it seems acceptable and continue to envy those regular contributors who have something 'worthwhile' to wax lyrical about.

    But to make us (and I say us as I surely cannot be alone...???)feel unworthy would be unfortunate and I think perhaps demeaning to the very ethos of the GT Rider. And that would be a shame as I have great respect for Davidfl's creation and work.


  18. Hi Tomo,

    Glad you enjoy reading about riding in this wonderful area and I bet you are looking forward to your forthcoming trip :-D.

    I don't think it has been anyone's intention to make anyone else feel "unworthy" or less significant than anyone else and like you pointed out above, you can't exactly contribute road trips unless you've done 'em!!!

    The primary gripe is that some people join up, ask a bunch of questions, grab a load of info and don't contribute anything in return - it's a 2 way thing. Speaking personally, and as I mentioned before, I view this board as a social thing as well as an info source so my thoughts about yourself and others is to continue posting and enjoying what's been written and then when you get over here and start making a few trips, slide into an internet cafe at the end of the day and share your experiences (no drivel about helmet laws e.t.c please!). No probs if the route has been well ridden and written about previously as conditions often change quickly and up to date info is always appreciated.


  19. Tomo
    No complaints mate. You’ve been contributing & have yet to do a ride here even! So I would not say that you are at all "unworthy."
    Questions & queries are to be expected with new members, & my "whinge" was not directed at newbies, but at those who have & do ride (some quite regularly) but cannot be bothered to put anything back in with a road & trip reports - for whatever reason.
    I am regularly bombarded with emails & requests for info off the board, which I am happy to help with, but I do get disappointed when nothing comes back in on the board in the form of road & trip report.

    The more the merrier on the board, & I don’t mind personalities, but I don’t see any need to slag each other off. We are all entitled different viewpoints from our own perspective, but there is no need to ram it down the throat of anyone who might disagree with your perspective. The same as for bikes, we each have a different perfect bike to ride, and that will be different bikes for different roads / conditions.
    For me the best bike is the one you enjoy yourself on the most. And the important point is to actually use your bike, ride it & share your experience / tips on the GT Rider board.
  20. Kev, if you are still having trouble with photobucket and the IMG info string, see below for a screenshot from the site. It's a little hazy due to it's size but I hope you cam make it out - it may clarify things for you.



  21. I think pre trip frustration is starting to build to dangerous levels now! Been looking forward to heading East for too long now!!!

    Perhaps I should get off the net and go do some, that's just too radical a notion.

    The diverse views (and styles) of those who contribute are of course what makes it such interesting reading. I certainly agree with 'the more the merrier' attitude because that keeps things fresh and should be encouraged.

    It would be all too easy to become insular and perhaps discourage the less bold from becoming involved.

    Regards to all.


    PS. Didn't mention my helmet once! Oops..
  22. Here is a pratice image of biking how it once was in Northern Thailand![:)]

  23. thanks pikey,,iam sort of up to that on the img...then it comes up send to..iam not sure where to send it to..has to b an e-mail adress....just sent 40 photos to myself.ho hum read more...u didnt get a photo of a dog..did u...went somewhere..not sure where....
  24. Kev, don't click on the IMG or mess about with any "send to" options, just copy the complete info string FROM photobucket and paste it INTO YOUR POST on this board. E.G write a bit of stuff, blah blah blah, then when you want your pic to appear, do the copy/paste bit and then continue writing blah blah blah. If you then hold down the "ctrl" key on your keyboard and click on "preview reply", you will then see how the post is gonna look once submitted to the board and the pic should pop right up in the middle of your text.


  25. Pikey
    I think your wrong.
    From my experiance over the last couple of days you can polish a turd, because ive seen a few glossy ones looking back at me.

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