How are Off-Road Riders Using Garmin GPS/Mapsource?

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  1. I do most of my riding on unmapped dirt-roads and trails through the mountains around Chiang Mai. I typically log my riding and then I combine tracks to make a sort of road map of my riding area. However, this is really tedious because I am always splitting tracks and finding myself riding over tracks that I have already logged. Also, you can only hold so many tracks on the 60csx unit so I now am forced to combine tracks that are awkward to combine.

    Is there a better way I can make use of my 60csx/Thai Topographical map to map my usual routes so I create my own road map to use on future rides?
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  3. Well my previous post got deleted by the mods for offering advice to you they did not like, so I'll try and give some advice this time hopefully without upsetting them.

    Ideally you would make a map of your tracks to load as your basemap. I'm not sure what you have as your basemap but you can edit it by adding your new tracks onto the basemap. This is not exactly easy and very time consuming, but it can be done if you fancy learning. Google can be your friend in ferreting out how to go about doing this mod.

    Like you, I ride offroad extensively and use the Garmin 60 CSX here in Chiang Mai. A method I have used in the past to indicate routes I have ridden versus not ridden before is to assign a waypoint symbol to the turnoff onto a track you have previously ridden (ie a red flag) and you can assign a different waypoint symbol (ie a green flag) to turnoffs onto tracks you have not ridden. These waypoints (you can store 1000 in the Garmin 60 series) can then provide you with data on what tracks you have and have not ridden with a simple glance down to the GPS. Its not a perfect solution but it is an aid to your situation.

    I'll be back in Chiang Mai in two weeks and you're more than welcome to contact me via email at: withgusto AT yahoo DOT com or telephone 0879727673 if you'd like to get together to chat about riding, tracks, GPS's etc.

    Best of luck with things.
  4. I was able to create a map of tracks I had ridden or wanted to, and it displayed on my 60csx, on top of the gmapsupp.img,
    Which was good because I could see it all the time, and avoided the 500point/20track restriction of the unit.
    Whether I will rmember how to do it, or can do it again is another matter,maybe some1 can remind me.
    I have combined the garmin thai map with their topo map,which works, and is not so difficult
  5. Email me at: withgusto AT yahoo DOT com and I can give you a link to a place that gives you detailed directions on how to install the tracks you have on your basemap like Alrikki (Great post Alrikki) is describing. This is the perfect solution for what you are trying to do versus the quick and easy method I posted about. It's on another biking website so I don't want to post it here out of respect for GT Rider.
  6. Apparently, gpx2img will let you create Garmin maps directly from gpx files. You can then install them in your GPS along with whatever other map you use with Mapsource.


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