How can this be so?

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  1. My friend George lives in Saudi for work he has just bought a new HONDA Accord 3.0l V6 for £ 8900 in jeddah.

    The same car is £26,000 in the UK and 1.75 m baht in Thailand which is about £27,000 . Even allowing for the fact that Saudi has no purchase Tax or heavy customs duty the difference in price is unbelievable the UK puts 10% import duty and 17.5%VAT but that does not explain the massive price difference .

    He says the same differentials apply to bikes as well.,

    Some body is getting ripped off here and it aint the Saudis

  2. Jerry, just look what a BMW 320i costs in Europe (Austria, Euro 26.000,-), so how much is this one in Thailand THB 2,5 Mio. assembled in Rayong......mhhhhh that's a hefty Euro 50.000,-, you'll have to pay nearly double......several Percent up or down are really only peanuts here........FR
  3. So Jerry you are just now figuring out that people who reside in UK or England pay in pounds what American people pay in dollars (for the same vehicle).

    It's just the way you folks choose to tax yourselves.

    Typical social engineering; let's get people out of cars & into public transport.

    Sadly trying to change human nature rarely works. Last time I checked UK has a few gearheads. See those crazy mofo that run the Isle of Man tt.
  4. When I was working in Malaysia, Proton being their national car manufacturer, everything else carried massive additional taxes... yet the same Proton was about THB300,000, or 50% more expensive in Malaysia than it is in Australia...

    lots of different forces at work... government and market forces...

  5. I dont think this is just about taxes , honda do not build the accord in saudi so it is imported with transport costs , the taxes applied to the cars Saudi price in the uk would add 30% to the price which would make it £13,000 or so, so where does the other £14,000 come from , is it Honda profit ? sure i know thailand is screwed up on Imports but accord is made here .

    No this is down to the manufacture and dealers in Europe.

  6. Yeah but my real beef is Europe /UK , it just does not add up.
  7. Tax I'm guessing.
  8. Not in the UK tax might add 30% but who gets the rest?

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