How do i cross into Laos without passport?

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  1. Am i being stupid?......but i'll be hiring a Bike in Chang Mai and then wanting to enter Laos at the Chiang Khong crossing.But obviously i will have surrendered my passport to hire the bike so how do i get into Laos without a passport?
  2. You don't!

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  3. Do some reading on the board. You will find out that:

    1. It is possible to rent a bike without leaving your passport, but you may have to leave a large cash deposit for the value of the bike.

    2. You need all sorts of documentation and permission from the owner to take the bike out - registered or not.

    3. If the bike is not registered, there is no guarantee that they will let you cross.

    Details have all been posted before. Do some research.

    And then, write up your experiences for the next guy.


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