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  1. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Hi guys

    We are in Bkk at the moment and just decide to drop by to phuket for coffee and few days, so how s our friends on the road, man in "Brown" are they how interested on bikes and speed?
    If any location and can you let me know so i can easy up a bit on those pleases...

    We Should hit the road by Saturday or Sunday after beemer get 20K well deserved service.
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  3. Dougal

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    Well done Marco. How's the weather down there?

    As for the boys in brown, well, they're always looking for some pocket money.
  4. siinthai

    siinthai Ol'Timer

    Hey Marco,
    All along the hiway the lads in brown will be looking to boost their meanoi funds !
    Once you head over towards Phuket, Fom Surat Thani, Becareful between Phang Nga and the Surasin Bridge(onto the island)...always there..
    Between Ranong and Surasin..never seen them but on the island itself , they are out in force at the moment. I've seen more speed traps in the past 3 weeks than in 2 1/2 years.
    Also one thing to be real careful of...the drinking and driving game is over...they have been breath testing all over the place then taking people straight to jail ...then negotiating their release..starting at about 30K B and going upto 60KB.....expensive night out ! Tuk Tuk's seem cheap at the extortionate prices they charge.
  5. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer


    not yet there, just got info from KhunYut and bike goignt o be ready by saturday morning so that is the time when we are leaving,,

    Should be down by sunday Morning as i have meeting on Monday so we are not in rush....


    thanx for info and i will test they speed traps as so far they always has been turning they backs for us...i wanna see how they react when BAWARIAN ARE HEADING TO THEY WAY...
  6. Eddysuratt

    Eddysuratt Active Member

    from BKK follow the HW 4 and than straight on to Surat Thani HWY 41. Stay overnight here. Its a good place. Hotel recommendation : 100 Island Resort
    City entrance on the way to Nakhon or Samui Pier. Tel. 077/201150. HWY 401. Relax zone , massage etc.etc. Opposite TESCO LOTUS .
    Following morning.... take the way no. 401 to Phuket via Khao Sok and Khao Lak. Its a little bit more fare as the direct route, but amazing drive.
    Time around 3 - 3,5 stops. Follow only route 401 until Takua-Pa. At the town Phanom , shows sign to Phuket. DONT FOLLOW THIS. Stay on your way Than follow route HWY no. 4 Direct road to Phuket. No speed control, no rain .... at this moment. Only a little bit road working.

    Take a stop at Khao Sok and later Khao Lak beach area.

    Have a nice trip ..... You are welcome

    Any question ... let me know

    Eddy Suratt
  7. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    HI Guys

    Just a guick reply,,

    1st of all Brothers in "Brown" turns back on me again,, had 3 completely speed check,, did 120 every time(cruise control) and cars front and back was stopped,,that ws so funny as i just over took one car wit in 120kmh and he was stopped behind me and for me,brown brothers did not even react,,,

    Trip from and out from bkk no prblem with GPS and starting point from Dynamic motors,

    in negative point but understandably bike was not ready as promiced at 9am saturday morning, as Final drive cases problems to Khun Yut and spares did not arrive on time, so must go back for final adjustment for that.

    So from bkk depart at 1215hrs and with 3 stops stopped 32km before Chumphon,, ther eis this nice beside road resort called Khang Phe Ka, rooms start from 450thb and with huge room and king size bed 650 with ABF. Place has pool,restaurant and massage place, how ever do not have foot massage as we where looking for that,,,

    Next day(Sunday) what a start at 8am,, RAIN RAIN RAIN,,,darn i was pissed as we neeed to be in Phuket this day,, so off we go, core tec jacket on and off we go,, rain continue, moderate but constant and traffic make drive even more hard,, only 100-120KHM max on straits,,,
    ONLY 1 time got scared,, went to left bend and front tyre got slide over the painted white line, after that,, easy 80khh for few km's,,,lesson learned and steady speed on the road and about 1314Hrs arrive to PhuketPatong beach.

    In over all very intresting day, have tosay that 1st whole rainy day driving in my time in LOS.

    Yes, lack of pictures,, i know,, but with all the rain was not so much time to take pic as my pillions first time for rain drive as well,,,

    next time..
    Now safely in Phuket and leaving back to Bkk maybe wednesday morning.

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