How long is reasonable HCMC-Hanoi?

Discussion in 'Vietnam - General Discussion Forum' started by deepcdiver, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. deepcdiver

    deepcdiver Active Member

    I am flying to HCMC in Jan, working my way to Hanoi by public transport then renting a bike for a week's ride from there. I was wondering about getting a bike in Ho Chi Minh City and riding to Hanoi instead of taking public transport. I understand Highway 1 is pretty horrendous.

    Basically would like to hit Da Lat, Hoi Anh, Na Trangh ansd Hue. Pardon my spelling.

    How long would be a reasonable guesstimate to ride from HCMC to Hanoi? Is it an interesting route or not that pretty?

    ANY info would be appreciated.

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  3. scot harper

    scot harper Ol'Timer

    Hey Deep C, post to Hung in hanoi, he's got rentals, see what you can do! Then post the trip with heeps of pics[:D]..Scott
  4. deepcdiver

    deepcdiver Active Member


    I did, and I will[8D]
  5. roblaan

    roblaan Member

    Deep, don't expect to do more than 40 km/hour average on the highway in Vietnam without stops. Smaller roads even less. Calculating shows you how much time you'll need on the 1700 km stretch from Hanoi to HCM. When you've only got one week to ride my take would be to make a nice trip around Hanoi. Then again, when you follow the coastline I figure you can find some nice diving spots if you're into that. Check out the other posts on touring the north on this page. The one from Dubsvibes has some awesome pics.
    Have fun!
  6. deepcdiver

    deepcdiver Active Member

    I am in the country for a month before heading to Thailand. Visiting friends for 5 days in HCMC and then figure two weeks from HCMC to Hanoi and a week tour from Hanoi to Sapa and back...
  7. roblaan

    roblaan Member

    Sounds good. Must be a nice drive from HCMC to Hanoi. Myself I'm planning to make the full loop through the north: Mai Chau, Son La, Sapa, Ha Giang, Meo Vac, Cao Bang and maybe some Halong Bay on the way back to Hanoi if I have enough time. Travelling 4 weeks but I like to travel slowly and stay a few days here and there. Hope we both get some clear weather to enjoy the spectaculair scenery. I'll post a trip report when I get back.

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