How long until post are no longer admin'd?

Discussion in 'New Members' started by wanderir, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. I think it's fairly obvious that I'm not a spammer or a trouble maker. Can an admin let me know what I have to do to make posts that just get posted?

  2. Sure would be nice to know. This is my last post until then.
  3. I see the original post did not get a reply, but I guess was cleared for posting.
    The reason that all newly signed on people will have initial posts automatically moderated by the system, which means they are only visible to admins; is that a significant percentage of new sign ups are spam, some totally unintelligible, produced by a computer, and some just nothing to do with this board. Once an admin reads the post, and that would normally be the same day, maybe depending on posters time zone, the next day, if it does appear to be someone interested in motorcycling in SE Asia, then the post is approved and further posts should go ahead as normal.
  4. I have made three posts so far and all have been stuck for "moderation".
  5. Thats right, new users dont get full forum acccess until we're sure they are not trouble makers or trollers. We've had more than our fair share of shit stirrers.
    Your status on GTR has now been upgraded. Enjoy yourself & keep the contributions coming.
  6. I'd appreciate it if I could be granted full access as well.;)
  7. I do understand that you do not want those, but please bear in mind that the policy also means fewer contributing members. I lost interest in writing here as I got tired of posts that looked silly because other posts have answered them or rendered them unneccesary before my posts were visible.

    It should be possible to recognize a spammer from the first post alone. And trolls, well it shouldn't be that hard to ban them and delete their posts - surely less work than having to manually check all posts from new members.

    I am not writing this just to be upgraded as Nightrider was - although that would be nice - but to tell you why I stopped writing and why others may stop too.
  8. Greatdane
    Your GTR status updated - thanks for reminding me. Apologies if you think your status upgrade was a bit slow - that will be me, not getting enough time. I like most of the guys who help out with admin on GTR prefer to ride our bikes as much a possible & not be locked into forum admin.

    BTW, GTR has experienced great trouble with malicious people on the forum

    If you take the time to read this thread for new users!

    you will see on December 2010

    and February 2013

    I trust this helps explain things a little better.
    If you still want to contribute to GTR you are welcome to do so.
    I'd be interested in reading about your riding & touring experiences on the Honda Click.
  9. I didn't know you have had so big problems. And I must admit, I am not making it easier with my username, mail address and profile. I want to be anonymous, no reason to tell people at home that I am away from home. I do use the same username at Asia Info:

    It sure does.

    I have never tried a bigger bike, but I do not think riding the Click is bad. I drive the same speed as the cars, actually a little faster than most cars, but I do get a tired bum after 5½ hours drive like today ...

    I have reached Udon Thani after a detour to Sisaket to see the temple build of empty bottles (I started in Bangkok), and I managed to avoid at least some of the pot holes on the way here. If I get time, I may try to write a tour report, but not on this computer. I need a bigger screen an a real keyboard.
  10. I'm not a spammer either or trouble maker and my posts are not going up either, wanting to become part of this forum ..
  11. Any chance i could get off the spam list so my posts will get read. I did buy your maps before i got here. Guess i should have registered then...didnt know it was going to take some time to be able to communicate on here. Thanks, scott
  12. Can anyone look at my status?
    I was able to post before but now to of my posts are still waiting for a moderator.
    I've been downgragded:)
  13. As far as I can see all your posts going up ok.
  14. Guys
    Apologies I've been on the road for a week, so was a bit slow checking.
    Bazz I only see requests for help from you, it's ok if you want to share some tips & info as you go. It also helps to confirm that you're a genuine contributor to GTR & see your posts moderated a lot earlier & membership upgraded. Thanks.
  15. Hi David

    Having read this I now know why I can't get a message through to Franz about buying his Racer suit. Extremely frustrating as this is day 3 since I have tried to make contact with him. I would appreciate some assistance please. I also know you have better things to do than sit in front of a computer. Thanks.
  16. That's because when I posted I only had questions and no useful tips or in Asia. But got some tips and info now and will be posting them where I can..
    Tx for activating again!

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