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  1. Not Rhodie's truck thread and not Ray23's Goldwing thread but as Pikey would say you'de feel a wanker being towed by one of these.




  2. Hells-bloody-bells! Dunno which would be scarier - being the bike rider or being towed in the car (or pillioned on the bike?). Neat bit of engineering though!


  3. Hey Pikey, here I am looking for a bike trailer to tow behind my car, perhaps i should be doing things the other way around, like fotos above
  4. Bad idea mate!

    Saw that you have "been away" for a while but me, being me, and knowing you, just thought that you were offline coz you couldn't piggy-back off of someones wireless connection or were too "cheap charlie" to pay for the 'leccy to charge your PC battery! [:D]. Only joking mate and hope all is going good for you & Elle.


  5. Just got in tonite from a weeks sailing in the Langkawi Regatta.... 8 races over 4 days, blowing like stink every day, and pretty battered and bruised but had a great time, getting too old for moving quickly around a 28ft catamaran that sails around at aboyt 18 knots... so get back and no bl**dy fone line again, and am paying for ADSL so using neighbours line again, he's actually away so no probs... (although I believe some got done somewhere for doing same same).

    now getting back to bikes... friend in Langkawi had an English newspaper, sent over by his mum, showing you the cargo ship on beach and guy with ne BM on back of tractor, and the foreign imigrants living there carting off barrells of wine. Also mentioned that police said you just have to register with boys in blue what you take and is okay.... gee mate would have almost been worth going over to blighty to get some of the action...

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