How to be legitimate in Vietnam. Drivng license - Bike Insurance - Ownership papers

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  1. Help with organizing a Driving license in Vietnam!

    At Flamingo travel we help provide foreigners with real genuine Vietnamese driving licenses. The application takes up to 14 days without having to complete any theory exams or driving tests. The license allows you to drive up to a 175cc a motorbike. The cost is $130 for the duration of your visa or to make it valid for 1 year and each additional year is $25. We can also add additional years, which costs $25 per year. In order for us to process the licence application, we will need to scan and send us, a passport size photo, a full driving license from your country (front and back) Your passport and a full visa which you can arrange in a Vietnamese embassy in your country.

    Ownership papers

    When it comes to renting a bike the law has changed two months ago and you can now drive a rental bike without the papers being in your name and without having the ownership documents, just as long as the motorbike rental company has been issued the certificate by the Transportation Minister ‘s office to do so, which we have. I can guarantee most other bike shops don't.
    The law also states now that you can own and drive a bike without the papers being in your name. However, you must have permission from the previous owner to do so and it has to be put in your name within 15 days after purchasing it.
    If you borrow a bike from someone and you don’t have the ownership papers the police will need to contact the owner and investigate to see if it is a legitimate claim and not a rental motorbike.

    Bike Insurance in Vietnam

    Having the license and Insurance can help with any police matters and also most importantly with any medical insurance that you might have. Please check your insurance policy to see exactly what you are covered for. Most medical insurance covers you up to a 125cc and they also offer add on to cover a higher cc motorbike but it could be void if you don’t have a Vietnamese license and insurance in place.
    If you rent a bike then the rental company has to provide you with insurance and we do but it is void without the customer having a Vietnamese license and again i can guarantee most bikes shops don't provide genuine insurance. Our bike insurance is 3[sup]rd[/sup] party only. Please note this insurance is very basic and I doubt you would ever have the opportunity to use it, even if you are involved in an accident, as in most cases you need to resolve the matter on the spot and not through your insurance. However, if the police are called you will be able to provide them with the valid documents, which will help your situation.


    If you have any question you can leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer you or email me directly: [email protected]

    Head office in Hanoi
    Add:# 66 Dao Duy Tu Str, Hanoi , Vietnam
    Tel: +84.4 3926 0938 Fax: +84.4 3926 0938
    Hand phone: +84.912 214 554
    Email: [email protected] Website:
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  2. Hi Chris,

    Is it also possible to get an A2 licence? If so what cost/process/ possible to apply while outside Vietnam, etc.?


  3. Hi Harri,

    Unfortunately we can not arrange a A2 licence. We are hoping to offer this service one day but at the moment it's even difficult for the Vietnamese to obtain one. I will make sure i update this thread once we can offer a A2 licence, which will allow you to drive upto any cc motorbike.

  4. At the moment there are some conditions to get A2 in here.

    1st you do have to belong some to motorcycle club. Think hanoi moto club had 5 million to join and then 100.000 per month.

    they will held A2 test and what i read they can cost about 17million ...

    not sure can you get that without address in here and second i think its valid only as long as your visa is valid.. or that i hear, not so sure about that.

    You do need A2 license to get your big bike on to your name.
  5. For our recent 3 month tour of the South I organised A Vietnamese licence(6 day wait & 1,000,000vnd )
    We had the owners registration paper for our bike (wife's sister) & Insurance Cover Certificate.
    All legal for the first time in 12 visits and a previous six years as a resident.
  6. LICENSE UPDATE: January 2015

    • · It’s no longer possible to convert just a car licence to a Vietnamese A1(175cc) and B1(7 seater car) following the procedure i explained in my previous post.

      · You can convert your driving license to the equivalent for the duration of your visa – It takes 7 days to process and all original documents, including a valid visa are required.

      · If you have a car license from your country of residence, you can void the theory test and just complete a practical test to get an A1 (up to 175cc) Vietnamese bike licence with no expiry date. This procedure is only available in HCMC. After the practical test is complete it takes 7 days to process the licences. This is great for expats living in Vietnam.

      Are international license valid in Vietnam is the big question?

      According to the news, from the start of January 2015 international driving licences from 72 countries are valid in Vietnam. I have read this information, from a number of different reliable sauces. However, I just got off the phone to the transportation office and I can confirm, that International licenses from 72 countries are now valid. I have yet to experience first hand or hear any feedback from our customers relating to this. I'm also interested to see, how the police in the remote areas will deal with this, as their English is limited and wouldn't be able to translate the license. Anyway, the police would always find a reason to fine you, even if you have the correct documents in place, but they do tend to leave tourists alone.
      The good news is, if tourist are coming to Vietnam to tour by motorbike, and their license is valid, it will make purchasing medical insurance a lot easier and cheaper to obtain. Soon as i have any more information from customers or the transportation office I will post it here.

      In my experience, in Vietnam nothing is straightforward, and I'm sure there will be some additional requirements and procedures to make the international license valid, but according to the transportation office, international licenses are valid to the equivalent in Vietnam without any additional documents or procedures.

  7. Vietnam and licencing :shock:
    I have just returned from 6 weeks in SVN.
    The third day after arrival in Vung Tau I went to the motor Transport Dept in Ba Ria to renew my A1 B2 (one year) licence.How hard could that be ? Max 20min and away.;)
    Six 44kl round trips to Ba Ria over four days,hours spent filling in forms, translating, photos, waiting, waiting,more forms then a full day at the Russian hospital getting a top to toe medical,xrays,scans,eye and hearing tests,blood tests the works.Then back to the hospital to pick up the results return to Ba Ria to lodge same and pay for licence only to find the hospital had stuffed up and not marked B2 on the papers and I had to return to the hospital and get them replaced. I managed to explain that I didn't need the B2 and all was cleared to pick up the plastic licence 10 days later,where the one year licence had turned into a three.
    An absolute farce, a system bogged down in bureaucracy where no one was game to bend the rules and let common sense run with it.A system where no one was really sure just what to do and nobody game to show a spark of initiative. A system where I was locked in as my old licence was taken and cut on the first visit.
    The only interesting bit of information received was the official word from the "man upstairs" (he got involved to sort out the staff down stairs when the whole process was turning into a complete shemozzle)that the International licence/permit use had come into Vietnamese law on 1/12/14.I checked and he confirmed,but as Chris said in previous post,did anyone tell Mr Plod and his mates out the back of Soc Trang
    Why did I bother when for a fee I could have had Mr Fixit in Vung Tau renew the licence ? Maybe it was to satisfy my curiosity to see if there were changes to the old bureaucracy,maybe I was just naïve.
    Cheers, Macca

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