How to build your own exhaust

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  1. Hilarious.:wtf:

    It ends with the question "Any advice?"

    I have a piece of advice for him - Don't give up your day job.:lolno:
  2. Yep....hilarious!

    Ah, an illustrated and step-by-step description of a total calamity.

    If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  3. The whole thread is bizarre, I couldn't stop reading it and laughing, priceless....
  4. What a cluster-fack!

    Love the welding on a wood cabinet full of chemicals...

    Poor dog-
  5. Brilliant. Monty Python motorcycle mechanics at its best.
  6. Monty Python was funny!
    He's more like one half of Laurel&Hardy.
    Just the fact that he bought a lightweight, free-flowing exhaust only to stuff it with metal to make it heavy and reduce the flow so much that it explodes "somewhere on I-90" (and who knows where it went) is so harebrained it takes some time to realize what kind of people we share this planet (and roads) with...
    Did you notice that he joined the headers into the same sized pipe?
    His comments contain some nuggets, too: "The pics are rather confusing, but can't really remember what I did." - I'd say the pictures are disturbing! Like: How many grave mistakes can you point out in this one?
  7. I have strong suspicions that he smokes a hell of lot of pot. I really can't believe he could be that stupid with some kind of assistance.
  8. Hilarious - DIY comedy haha !
  9. A lot of hours spent on destroying a bike, epic fail but full score on creativeness :p
  10. I'd say this kid's been sniffing glue or huffing gasoline. Not even a pothead would be that dumb! :crazy:
  11. He might be a natural!
  12. Natural, as in shoe size = IQ.

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