How to clean up tar?

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  1. I went for a ride and came across a stretch of road under construction. No problem for the CRF250M, I blasted right through. Only later I realized that they had sprayed tar onto the surface!
    I washed the bike several times since then but the tar is still over the front and bottom of theengine, the frame where the bash plate is and some parts in the rear.
    I tried WD40 out of curiosity but it didn't work. Any advice on how to get that stuff off?
  2. Buy some Goo Gone if they have that there. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the tar, let sit 5-10 minutes. Then soak a bristle brush in the Goo Gone, and put some muscle into it. Usually will come loose after the first go, but may need a repeat.
  3. You will find kerosene or diesel will do it that's what we use to get it off our work vehicles here in Australia.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I haven't seen any Goo Gone at Lotus, BigC or Central, maybe I have to check tire shops which have cleaning materials.

    Filling a bottle of Diesel at the station is probably the cheapest way to go.

    Any advice on how to get the leftover glue of cheap duct tape off?
  5. Just take it to the local car-bike wash. For a little extra money (or sometimes not) they usually have Diesal-Kerosene on hand and will do it for you, and then pressure wash it off. Quite a common problem on the roads here. Just monitor what they are using pressure spray on. As for dried on glue, WD40 or a light penetrating spray oil will loosen it up and you can wipe it off without damaging paint or metals.
  6. Most Thai hardware stores sell Kerosene (Naman Gaat) in glass bottles for cheap. Great stuff for cleaning chains and removing tar.
  7. Diesel will do the job too.
  8. Thanks for all the replies! Diesel or kerosene should work, I wouldn't have thought of that, but now it makes sense!

    It wasn't much tar fortunately and I tried it again with WD40, used more, let it soak longer and rubbed harder, and the stuff came off.
  9. KZ25, don't use petrol but diesel is OK with a bit of elbow grease ( I used to drive a tipper truck and when we delivered tarmac to the laying machines we would always put some diesel into the body before loading. The diesel would let the tarmac slide out without leaving any residue in the body ). Unfortunately the ' post attachments ' function is currently switched off or I could post a picture I just took. So, I'll have to describe the product. You can buy an aerosol can which is predominantly white with a white cap. The product is called Fashine 1 Pitch Cleaner. It also has a picture on the can of a yellow Maserati or similar. They sell it on most ' stalls ' you find at BigC's etc. You'll probably find BigC sell it in their car section or one of those big DIY centres. I've used it myself and it's absolutely brilliant. Spray it on and wipe with a dry cloth. The pitch comes off immediately. As for glue residue, I use some of the wife's nail polish remover ( not mine ), but I'd test a small area before lathering it on.
  10. makes sure they keep pressure washers away from wheel bearings axles a etc

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