How to escape from Bankok to ride to Cha Am ???

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  1. Hi Friends,

    Big question today, I hesitate to post in this part of the forum but finally I dare ...

    Could you please explain me how to ride in the direction of Cha Am from Bangkok (Ladkrabang Romklao) or from an easy location.

    Some advises like the "Way to Cha Am" for Dummies" would be perfect for me.

    Thanks in advance

    I know very well the way driving a car but not with the bike respecting all the tricky rules of biking in Bangkok surounding.
  2. Azoulay, I once did as follows: from Chonburi (same direction as Ladkrabang), just drive onto the Srinakarin Road in direction of Samut Prakarn, after crossing the BangNa-Trat road on the next big roadcross right onto Puchao-Samingprai Road until you hit the ferry, over the river to Phra Padaeng onto the Suksawat Road, onto the sideroad of the Rama 2 and out of Bangkok on this one, Samut Songkran/Sakorn.....sorry, I don't have any GPS data on that as I drive in Thailand since 16 years just with my memory. Good luck, Franz
  3. Hi Friends,

    Franz and Auke, thanks a lot, I'll try it within 3 weeks. I'll do it with the Suzuki DRZ and the Ducati.

    Have great fun
  4. Azoulay, I've went south from BKK dozens of times, with a car no problem, but with a bike more difficult. But I've always left from the Sukhumvit area through BKK, then over Phra Pinklao bridge - not to recommend, I just did it because I remember that route well, and there are signs like Banglampoo and Phra Pinklao Bridge.
    The route the Franz describes is better, I'll try it the next time. I'm not bad at reading maps, but in the BKK area it seems that there are streets on the map which aren't there, or there are streets which aren't on the map - plus one-way streets you can't take, you're forced to make a turn, you're not allowed on express ways aso. Once I asked a cop who was very friendly telling me the way - then behind the bend there was a toll booth, and police came running to pull me over. I just fled since I suddenly remembered this corner from years ago when they stopped me and wanted 500 THB because MC are not allowed. I argued that I wasn't even on it - no dice. I then locked up my bike with my big chain and lock, sat down and waited, refused to pay. After about an hour a cop just gave me my PP back without a word.
    Anyways, if you need help with your bikes, I'll ride the DRZ for ya! (-;
  5. Hi KZ,

    Thanks for this advises, I never saw a so complex issue to escape from town... As reported in a previous post, once I got lost, even after having asked my way to 2 different Police Stations.

    They were all very kind but unable to give me a correct way for a motorcycle such as only cars was the transportation mean ....

    When I see that I think that LOS is definitively not the country for bikes...This is my weak feeling when I am hangry but then riding across the country up in Khao Yai, around Chiang Mai or around Cha Am, i change my mind and say LOS is really a nice country for riding, just avoid Bangkok and surounding.
  6. I thank myself regularly for buying my Garmin Zumo 550 GPS and the Thailand map for it.
    In tools, I choose avoid tollroads, thats gotten me through BKK a couple of times in the last month without a hitch. I might have crossed a bridge tho where bikes were not allowed, but never saw a cop, so everything is cool.
  7. I hate busy citys..and BKK being no exception...
    In the not to distant future iam going to have to ride from chonburi to hua hin.or vise versa.
    It really has been worrying me about getting through BKK.
    This may seem like a silly question...but would it work??
    Go to the bus station..find a bus with BKK written on it...and follow it.when get to BKK... find a bus with hua hin on it and follow it..
    just a couple of hitches in the plan..
    do the buses go on the tollways...where we are not allowed.
    other than that...find one of those bike taxis..and pay the guy to get me through BKK...
    Looks like GPS..may be the answer..
  8. I also hate Bangkok traffic. Riding from the North East (Korat) to Hua Hin/Phuket you can go from highway 2 onto the Western Ring Road (9?) get onto it just past the old Chang Beer Factory and then turn off where you need to. The problem with the Eastern Ring road that you could use from Chonburi to get to the Western ring road is that it has toll gates. Surely there must be a common road used to get thru BKK east - west?
  9. Ivan, I've had the same idea, did it, and it always worked. Never got pulled over. But don't forget that busses make frequent stops and don't like MC between them; also they have special bus lanes where you're not allowed to go; and there's no way around breathing the exhaust fumes.
    Not to recommend!
  10. Azoulay,

    I'm a bit late but... Take Sukhumvit/Asok/Queen Sirikit etc. over the overpass over Rama IV and ride down Rama III all the way to the end. You can take most of the overpasses.
    Go over the lower (old metal) Krung Thep bridge as bikes are not allowed on the new high bridge and anyway it goes the wrong way. After the bridge turn left onto Suksawat and follow it until you will turn right onto Rama II (HWY 35). Then follow your nose to Cha Am.
    The first 25kms or so of 35 are a bit busy but traffic thins out the further you go.
    I would advise against going on Hwy4. I tried that once, never again.

    If you want a longer ride you can go Sathorn, over Taksin Bridge, take Ratchapreuk, following the SkyTrain and the left merging traffic, north to 345, then to Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi, and down to Cha Am.

    If you get to Gulivers on the Tuesday before bring some maps.
  11. Hi Friends,

    Again, thanks a lot for all your good advises.

    I'll try it and report, in fact I hear also a way through the currently under construction highway via Bangna

    Anyway, we'll try these way to Cha Am, next week, and try as well to be with you at Gulliver's on Tuesday evening.

    For the time being I went to Cha Am by car, shame on me for a GT-Rider...

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