How To: Fix Missing VIDEO / IMAGES

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  1. After the conversion of 44,000 Posts, in 7,000 Topics, but 4,000 Users, we've got the majority of the ten's of thousands of images displaying ok. However, there's a few where the conversion process did not allow the images to correctly load in the new forum program.

    1.) Edit the post.
    2.) scroll to the bottom
    3.) Tick the "Do not automatically parse URLs" box
    4.) Click "Submit" and view the post...

    In most cases, the images will now display correctly.
  2. It did not work for me :( ! Most of my posts have lost the pictures and some text. The very latest posts are OK. Let me know if I should do something else, maybe editing the whole post with a regenerated text and picture links?
  3. I have checked my picture server (Picassa) and most of the images are no longer there. It seems that I have to fix this first, as something happened on that end.
  4. Last night I worked until almost 2:00AM trying to get 5 images to appear in my post, but they refused. I cussed whatever the error was with the new website but kept trying. I renamed, I re-sized, I changed folders and still no luck. :wtf:

    Finally, through blurry eyes, I found the typo in the long URL that I had cut and pasted over and over again with the same error. Again; there was no problem with the website, just my bad eyes. :oops:
  5. Unfortunately, the vBulletin system uses a different set of codes to that used by the old Forum sftware - phpBB3

    http: ... z1713IgpAZ

    I can't find an automated means of making links work, so its got to be done manually. If you've got a few minutes to go back through your old Posts and edit any video links you know of, that would be great.

    Otherwise, I will do them 1 by 1 as/if I find them, or someone points out that they've found one that is not working.

    Here's an example of the problem;


    You need to click Edit Post underneath your original post, and then...

    1.) copy the 1st YouTube URL


    2.) click Insert Video icon

    3.) paste in the YouTube code

    4.) delete the old [youtube] link

    5.) Repeat until finished

    6.) click "Save Changes" to finish the process.

    Result should be all Video now displaying correctly.



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