How to get this toy = Honda DN-1

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  1. MikeRUST rightly pointed out that I had filed my plea for info under the wrong subject.
    So here we go again=

    Posted: 06 Jun 2008 18:10 Post subject: HONDA DN -01
    I am interested in this toy= ... n01_p1.htm

    It ´s an automatic , a must for me. Still in love with my Silverwing 600cc but to look at other girls is not forbidden, right?

    It sells for 12.000€ in Germany.

    Do you think it can be bought here?
    Any guestimate what it might cost with proper papers?

    I would buy only Japanese here In SEA.

  2. intersting=

    almost all the U tube videos are no longer available

  3. its very very expensive and all reviews have been rather underwhelming , its slow ,handles poorly , lacks luggage capacity compared to silver wing and it is complex.
  4. very helpful comment, Jerry. I surfed a bit more ... id=8294554 ... honda.html

    What I love about my SilverWing is that even after 7 hours of riding, me rear end is still cool and it is in no hurry to get off the bike, my Silverwing becomes my sofa where I can stay and relax.
    This was my only hesitation when I saw the photos = the sitting position.
    Above 2 reports seem very neutral and yet very usable.
    Thanks , I will save some serious money and rather take my SilverWing to New Zealand
  5. Pico Pico . the silver wing is an elegant and efficient machine its not beautiful but it does a great job.Stick withit .
  6. I GUESS I WILL ......for the time being.

    Now that I have the belt slippage under control and the SilverWing is chasing up the hills like a young horse, thanks to MikeRust and his J.Costa variator the riding is pure joy.

    Saw a Honda E4-01 talked about at the 2005 Tokyo fair, but nothing new on that scooter.

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