how to import your bike from uk to thailand step by step

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  1. j9falco

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    Ive been looking forever on how to get this done on here, thai visa, phuket forum, pattaya junkies etc etc and nobody seems to offer an idiots guide on how to do this.

    I know some of you guys have and are still doing thsi, a couple I have been trying to pm but guess I don't have privileges yet.

    So here goes for any takers, how do I import my zx10r 2008 from uk to thailand in a step by step guide call it an idiots guide because I am

    I really liked this guys blog on bringing in his bmw from uk to singapore its a quality guide.

    please reply with info or if you know a similar blog. I'll just looking for clear concise instructions on how to bring it in with all accompany paperwork, labeling of parts, how many shipments, customs clearance, which port etc etc

    I no about all the pitfalls, red tape, no green books etc etc fully researched all that but I still want my kwak over in phuket with me.

    here is the bike, with the money I've spent its not worth selling so its coming.

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  3. monsterman

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    This has been covered many times but basicly dont sell it in UK and buy a good machine from a decent shop here, as importing it fully assembeld will cost you the transport costs + 186% import duty on a value that the thai customs will assess not the UK value!!!! + 60-80,000 baht registration costs so the bike could easily cost you 250,000 + ??? thats £5000 to import with months of hasssle ,hearbreak ,stress and worry .
    you could import it in parts as 3 shipments engine , frame and the rest but you need a Thai regitered company witha Thai to handle the paper work then the import costs are only 30% but its also a huge nightmare .and you wont sane that much money as your costs will be higher running around and shipping .
    i used to import bikes here for a living its a snake pit so now i just deal with the thai importers .

    Bite the bullet and sell the bike in UK mate .
  4. j9falco

    j9falco New Member

    Appreciate the response monsterman but like I said in my initial post it is coming no matter, the money and hassle don't phase me one bit just makes me more determined and I'm certainly not going anywhere.

    The ZX10R has seen me spend 12,000 pounds on extras for this bike plus what I paid new for it in 2008 I have no standard parts to put back on so I'd have to sell the bike with the extras on for prob 6000 - 7000 pounds which I'm just not going to do.

    So knowing this is there anybody who can take me through the correct way of getting this in? I have general idea and monsterman has kindly offered agood bit of advice there but I'm also looking for further instructions and contacts.

    PM me with any help. Thanks in advance.
  5. David Learmonth

    David Learmonth Ol'Timer

    Try getting in touch with Pickfords the movers/shipping agents. They are now called "Allied Pickfords" When I moved here in 2007 they would have been able to ship my Honda Pan STX 1300 for me & sort everything out. I didn't bother simply because the bike was nearly 5 years old & enquiries revealed it would cost more in ridiculous import taxes than the bike was actually worth. The value of the bike is decided by customs - not its UK value.
  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

  7. brian66

    brian66 Ol'Timer

    I tried but couldnt send you a PM so please email me and i shall explain my efforts to get a 2008 blade in. I think i have some interesting info and advice for you.

    [email protected]
  8. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi Friends,

    I am completly aligned with David and Monsterman, don't waste your time at importing it (or at least yourself). I have done it once for a brand new Ducati in 2006 and luckuily supported by my family in law, it was also a nightmare and the operation was, by far, NOT profitable, looking at the hassle spent and the total cost of legal ownership.

    Of course I did not repeat it for the GSA and the Suzie, I bought it locally from reliable shops.

    At present, I am engaged with the buying of a big bike locally with no Green Book but I will use the costfull service of a specialist. It appears there are some serious...

    However, on top of this specialist and as a double check, I would also appreciate from you Guys, your informations on what paper to ask to the shop who will sell me the bike ?

    I have heard that when you apply for the Green Book to the Transport Department, you rceive a slip allowing you to drive without the famous Green Book or at least which could be use as a "Laisser Passer" with authorities, I am not sure about that, could you confirm ?

    I know that it's a sanpiternel story but it's the worry of all of us, facing this issue...So the Old Foxes advices are allways welcome.

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