How to improve you light on HD Touring Models before 2013:

May 25, 2006
Hi Friends,

Just this small post to point out how easy and cheap it is to improve our poor HD lighting on Touring models before 2013 (I don't know so much about other models but should be as simple if sufficient space to insert the equipment).

If you go to KlongTum in the Chinese area of BKK, you'll find easily High/Low HID Xenon 12.000 k bulbs in a complete 2 bulbs complete set in a box for less than 1.500 TBH (bulbs, harness with electronic relay, slim size ballasts and fittings).

As it comes with 2 bulbs (and in most of the cases we need one); one is for fitting and one is for spare; just cut properly the 2nd wire which goes to the 2nd bulb on the electrical harness.

Then, install it it will take you less than 30 minutes for a proper job, hidding the slim ballast somewhere behind the lamp.

Hope it helps.