How to protect your motorbike from being stolen

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  1. There are a lot of ways to protect your motorcycle from being robbed. Although these methods do not guarantee a 100 % theft-free motorcycle, it may reduce the risk of your bike from being stolen.I use allways a xena XN15 disc lock with alarm. After reading hs0zfe post about his stolen Africa Twin RD04, I wonder what you do to prevent.

  2. Those things are useless giving false alarms all the time. A mate bought one, took it back, I bought one and ended up taking the battery out of it. A quick search of google shows it is a common problem. Save some money and get the non alarm one. They do make a nice one that fits into a ground anchor for security at home as well as being able to take it with you and use it as a disc lock.
  3. I've never had any problem or false alarm with it. I think it is a safe solution for when you're sleeping in a hotel. My concern is always to find a hotel where the bike is safe.
  4. Yeah, the false alarms sure do get annoying after a while. I ended up pulling the batteries out of mine and rarely use it. Pretty much everywhere I stay in Thailand has decent security. Been lucky so far! Knock on wood.
  5. Hi Friends,

    Following the attempt to steal my wife bike in her house on a seaside city, South West of BKK, I regain of interest for all informations about ways of bike thefts in Thailand (I would not use then "LOS" for this).

    Could one told us the way thiefts are generally operationg in Thailand for big bikes ?

    -Do thieft act upon order of custommer, what is generally the sale network ?

    -What is the way they operate ? With trucks or runing with the bike ?

    -Double plating ?

    -Others ???

    Years ago whane the big bike market was less developped such issues wouldn't have happpened.

    Thanks in advance for your reply, we are quite nervous on it at present.
  6. Agree.. Many false alarms.. Just a truck going past sets it off.

    If I remember properly.. When you arm the lock.. Placing it up right is more sensitive and downwards less sensitive.

    Not 100 % sure which way around.. You may want to try it and see if it minimizes the false alarms.

    Didn't take my battery out.. went flat and didn't replace it.

  7. Strange, I never have any false alarm. Was it a xena, type?
  8. You sure yours even works? Ever tried it? :D

    I am convinced that car/bike alarms issue 90% or more false alarms... not worth it. If you want to be safe, lock it with a big chain? Better still, keep her close

  9. Normally I think it's good enough if you take the easiest of precautions: Keep the bike inside the fence, lock the gate, lock the bike. Put a big chain on it and chain it to something solid. Easy to do in the home.

    If you think your house is specifically targeted by some crooks in the neighborhood - friends had this happen - then you need to really step up your security. Get a guard, or a big dog, or a security camera that everyone can see.
  10. Yeah upright = more sensitive downward less so..

    I dont use mine much, but feel its worth having.
  11. Outside chain locks, don't leave it to itself too long. At home Garage is the safest way I guess!
  12. Tremedous photo............. :lol:

  13. Hi Friends,

    Now it seems that more and more vehicles (bikes as well) are equiped with GPS Trackers. It doesn't cost so much round 3000 TBH in Ban Mooh BKK and with the low cost prepaid SIM cards it works perfectly...

    Of course it doesn't protect the bike to be stolen but at least you can localise it precisely and act consequently.

    These GPS Trackers work with a rechargeable Ion battery and have the possibility to be permanently connected and charged by your bike battery. It's a tny object, easy to hide, even on a bike.

    Hope it helps.

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