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    Hia all

    We do a Offroad 4x4 Trip to Laos, Kambodga and Vietnam, at october 2010. We already booked our flights :clap:

    I have buyed the Qstarz Q1300S GPS Recorder, and plan to record our trip.

    Qstarz have applied some software, but i hope there is some better software for to do that.

    What could you suggest? What i have to do, that the recorded tracks are helpfully for others too?
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  3. Auke

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    Don't know this particular gadget but reading the specs it appears to be more of a datalogger. It will record your tracks in NMEA format which you will have to download to the PC. Using Google Earth you can show the tracks in Google Earth and you can then save the tracks on Google Earth .kmz or .kml format which other people can use to see where you have been. Another option is to install GPS Babel which is able to convert the NMEA data to .gpx format which can be shown in Garmin Mapsource and other programs. In both cases you will need to have access to a PC or laptop to be able to see your tracks.

    The BT Q1300 appears not to have any map so while "on the road" you have to rely on paper maps to find your way.

  4. helbob

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    I use the garmin Oregon 200 with touchscreen.
    It is easy to work with this and it is very easy to record tracks.
    I try many things: Last time i record a flight from bangkok to abu dhabi, no problem!

    Here some screenshots of the Garmin Oregon 200

    garmin-oregon200-screenshot-29. garmin-oregon200-screenshot-25.

    garmin-oregon200-screenshot-16. garmin-oregon200-screenshot-19. garmin-oregon200-screenshot-18.

    garmin-oregon200-screenshot-07. garmin-oregon200-screenshot-08. garmin-oregon200-screenshot-15.

    garmin-oregon200-screenshot-13. garmin-oregon200-screenshot-38. garmin-oregon200-screenshot-39.

    garmin-oregon200-screenshot-13. garmin-oregon200-screenshot-43. garmin-oregon200-screenshot-44.
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    I guess the qstarz is a bluetooth gps receiver.
    so you link it to your mobile, and install maps on your mobile so you can see where you are.
    I did this in the UK with MemoryMap software, was very detailed.
    I don't know what software you would use here, maybe ozzyexplorer,
    check out malsingmaps wiki for guidance, that should tell you what you need to do, and maybe link to maps.
    I sold the phone because the battery life was bad with the gps. best to rig it up for 12v in your 4x4

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