HP2's in Thailand

Discussion in 'BMW Bikes In Thailand' started by Muzz, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Muzz

    Muzz Ol'Timer

    I beleive there were only 7 ever brought in to LOS. Any of you out there own one? I have Number 5 that I purchased from BARCELONA in 2006.

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  3. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Not seen any of those sold out on the road here.

    Just had a letter from BMW saying that the HP2 is going to be stocked here again and will be exhibited along with other bikes at the BKK Motor show from 26th March.
  4. Muzz

    Muzz Ol'Timer

    Hi John, I got that letter too. I should have been more specific as I mean't the Enduro. They are bringing in 10 only of the HP2 Sport, which is the Road Race model. THey should be a pretty penny with the strong Thai baht! At a guess I'd say around 1.2 - 1.3M a peice! :eek:

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