Huai Kon / Muang Ngeun Boarder Crossing


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May 6, 2014
It's my first post.
From CM to LP with CRF 250 via Huai Kon / Muang Ngeu. Feb 01- Feb 11, 2014.
Please feel free to correct / update information in below. I believe I remember them 80-90% correctly.
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Huai Kon / Muang Ngeun Boarder Crossing

x). Document 1 - (D1), Export application with copy of green book, Owner's ID and registration. - prepare by bike shop. (CP Bike, Chiangmai, 053.273.161)
x). Document D1 Copy - (D1 Copy)
x). Document of export permit - (EP), Issued by Thai immigration at border.
x). Document of Import permit - (IP), Issued by Laos Custom office.

1). Stop by custom office. Custom Office is located at the East side of the Thai boarder immigration. It's between a "T" intersection and grocery shop. Enter the Custom office, present passport and D1 to the officer who sit in front. Wait for him to call your name and bring your document to the boss who sit in the back. The Boss will ask some simple question then stamp on the application. Bring the stamped application back to the first guy. Tell him that when you return to Thailand, you won't be returning the document to the custom office. Instead you will drop the document at the Thai border immigration office. Then you are done.

2). Bring Passport, D1 copy to Thai border immigration office, inform the officer that you have a bike with you to go to Laos. Officer will issue a EP to you and stamp on your passport. Be aware to park bike in front of immigration office as the road is tilted 15-20 degree.

3). Ride toward to Laos border on the right side of the road. Park the bike next to the gate and present the EP and Passport to the guard in front of the gate.
The guard will check if you have all document needed then he will let you walk in. Remember to take the key of the bike with you.

4). Walk to immigration office window 1, ask for form of entry. Fill the form, return with your passport, fee of $35 and one photo to window 3. When window 3 return your application and passport. Bring them back to window 1 and tell the officer you have a bike with you. Officer will stamp on the EP. Then Bring Stamped EP, walk out of immigration office, go to the custom office on the left. Submit passport and Stamped EP to the officer with a fee of 100 baht. Officer will issue IP related to your bike then he will return your passport. At the custom office you could tell officer which city you will be existing Laos.

5.) Walk back to the gate and show the guard your passport with IP. Then it's done.

It took me 2 hours for above process. From 3pm to 5pm on Tuesday.

6.) Back to Thailand
Go to Laos Immigration office window 2 ask for form to leave the country. Fill it and return with Passport and IP. Tell officer you have motorcycle with you. After he return your document, bring them to immigration office for stamp. Take the stamped document back on the bike, ride to the guard, show him what you got. Then ride to Thai border. Switch to driving on the left side of the road. Visit Thai immigration on the left, ask for TM6 Arrival/Departure card. Fill it and return with passport and Document from Laos about your bike. Office will return your passport and document. Then you can drop the document in the box on the left when you walk out of the office.

It took me 30 minutes for step 6. From 3pm to 330pm on Sunday.