Huay-Xai 4th Thai - Laos Friendship Bridge visa on arrival?

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  1. Hello folks;

    Has anyone done the Huay-Xai 4th Thai - Laos Friendship bridge crossing from Laos to Thailand recently. Did you get visa on arrival ? Well technically the visa exemption for 30 days? Or was it 15 days?

    Just wondering whether it's worth getting a Thai visa in Vientienne before entering, I want 30 days and the bike gets 30 anyway, then some land borders give 15 some give 30. Although they're all suppose to be giving 30 now... we just hear there things but.. border stuff changes often..

    So yeah, any recent Laos - Thai crossers and how many days did you get on arrival at the Huay-Xai crossing?

    Many thanks
  2. Laos visa on arrival one month.

    International Airport
    • Wattay International Airport in Vientiane Capital.
    • Luang Prabang International Airport in Luang Prabang Province.
    • Pakse Internatioanl Airport in Champasack Province.
    • Savannakhet International Airport in Savannakhet Province.

    Border Checkpoints
    • Bohan - Boten (Yunnan - Luang Namtha Province)

    • Vang Poung - Ban Muang Mom (Yangon - Bokeo Province) "No Visa-on-arrival"

    • Chiang Khong - Houai Xay (Chiang Rai - Bokeo Province)
    • Nakaxeng - Nam Heuang (Loei - Sayabouly Province)
    • Houai Kon – Nam Ngeun (Nan - Sayabouly Province)
    • Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge I (Nongkhay - Vientiane Capital)
    • Train Station (Nongkhay - Vientiane Capital)
    • Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge II (Moukdahan - Savannakhet Province)
    • Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge III (Nakorn Phanom - Khammouane Province)
    • Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge IV (Chiang Khong-Bokeo Province)
    • Bungkan - Pakxan (Nongkhay-Bolikhamxay Province) "No Visa-on-arrival"
    • Chongmek - Vangtao, Ubol Ratchathani to Champasack Province.

    • Taichang - Pang Hok, Dien Bien to Phongsaly Province
    • Nameo - Nam Soi, Thanh Hoa to Houaphanh Province.
    • Namkan - Namkan (Nge An - Xieng Khouang Province)
    • Kao Jeo - Nam Pao (Ha tinh - Bolikhamxay Province)
    • Napao - Chalo (Quangbinh - Khammouane Province)
    • Laobao - Dansavanh (Quang tri - Savannakhet Province)
    • Bo-er - Phou Keua (Kom Toum - Attapeu Province)

    • Pra Preng Krian - Nong Nok Khian (Cambodia - Champasack Province)
  3. Think the OP is asking about entering Thailand from Laos.

    I haven't heard that it's different from other land crossings entering the Kingdom (15 days) so maybe a Thai tourist visa in advance would be the safest bet.
  4. Right I misread the post;.
    Here is one result from a google search for "Thailand Visa On arrival"
    Visa Rules

  5. I was told at Mae Sai, that as I had entered there 3 or 4 times recently, I would not be allowed a 30 day visa on arrival next time.
    So I got one at Chiang Kong friendship bridge
  6. Did it today. All three of us (USA, UK, NZ) got a 30-day exemption.
  7. Can you give us a bit of a run down on exactly how it just rocked up & rode across the bridge & then straight back again, or are you staying in Laos then moving on?
  8. We were in Laos and crossed to Thailand (not going back to Laos). Nobody said anything about not being able to cross. We were given a 30-day visa exepmtion (had to pay 200 Baht so have some Thai money handy - we didn't) and a 30-day customs form for the bike. The only issue we had was figuring out the process on the Thai entrance (park on the side and then go to one of the booths for the exemption and then you're directed to another booth for the customs form).
  9. Two of the nations are part of the G7 countries allowed 30 days at land crossings now.
    May be the Kiwi G 30 ;-) lucked out with the G7 buddies...

    Maybe the bikes played a part too.. If not Thai registered.
    Gave you 30 days visa to match the bike temp import period?

  10. Thanks for the response.
    How long were you in Laos for then -any good?
    How was the road Pak Mong - Oudom Xai? Did you do that one at all?
  11. One week (enroute from China to Thailand) and yes, apart from lots of landslides it was wonderful.

    Yes. Also the loop (1C and 7) around anticlockwise to Luang Prabang
  12. The road from Pak Mong to Oudomxay is in a relatively bad state for the moment. I came through with Coolgreany around 12 days ago. But uts doable as long as you take youre time and are prepared for some humpies and bumpies and potholes more or less all the way....

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