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  1. As there is no husky sub forum .. will add here under ktm..

    Link to the website


    While not cheap.. green book is possible and speedy. Even for the two stroke

    More and more of the guys turning up with husky on the weekend rides.

    Fabulous bikes..

    Will keep adding to this thread as there is news

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  2. There is also a Husky shop up here in Issan in Amnat Charoen at the PTT across from the Immi office...he's been there for's a small place don't know much about it. I went in to have a look last year, he had 3 or 4 bikes and some gear. Worth a look if you're in the area.
  3. Good bikes no doubt but 565,000 THB for a TE300? Sheeeesh! They aint giving them away! You can pick up a 17 model for 370,000 THB or a 2016 model with 0 kms in Aus for approx. 300,000 THB plus on roads. Why the disparity?
  4. Tax, invoice only, no green book is about 100 k baht less. rather big jump for the 2017 models.
  5. It's a Shame some Vehicles are so Expensive but that's Thailand! Screwed with Taxes! Harley Davidson and Mercedes Benz are nearly Double the Price compared to back Home! That 701 Enduro would be Epic but for that Price I could Buy an Africa Twin and a CRF250! Shame.
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  6. I know which would be more fun LOL..
    Agree with you and use to think the same way.. Until I bought my TE 300...
    Just can't compare to CRF / KLX or other bikes..
    Still love my KLX for touring around Thailand / Laos.. Weapon of choice.
    But weekend bush whacking.. TE 300.. All the way..
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  7. I reckon the Supermoto710 would be the bike to have for the Mae Hong Son loop, and the roads in and around Nan.
    At about 145kg, and 74 HP,... it would be a great toy to have.
    The TE300 is a winner in the bush, but as Brian said the KLX and CRF are the weapons of choice for all round touring in Thailand/Laos etc.

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  8. Youve got your own husky sub forum now
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  9. Yeah that 710 would be Awesome Brian! I doubt a Motard would be much quicker than the Enduro though? The Power and Weight for those Bikes are Stunning! Unfortunately so is the Price Ha Ha!

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