Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift - Where To Buy?

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  1. Has anybody seen something like this?

  2. Try this Guy ... 0871305128
  3. Any Luck, I want one too!
  4. In a word, yes. I looked into buying a motorbike lift and went on-line. There are two main manufacturers in the states, directlift.com and discount ramps.com and the prices seemed very reasonable -- $675. They also offer the option of an additional small lift which enables you to remove the rear wheel at a cost of $129. I contacted one of the companies ( Directlift ) I spoke to a Clay Thedford and he informed me that they would not ship to Thailand from the states, but instead, they have a manufacturer in China and they could ship from there. When I contacted the Chinese company, a Miss Vivian informed me that they already had an agent in Jomtien, Thailand -- East Coast Choppers which is owned I believe, by a swiss guy ( Peter I think ? ). And that's when the reasonably priced bike lift became less reasonable. He wanted 55,000 baht or thereabouts and I'm talking 3 or 4 years ago. He brings them in from China about 5 at a time. I hope this helps. By the way, the lifts cope easily with an Ultra Classic H-D too.
  5. I have two air operated, Thai built bike lifters. They are solidly built and work fine. However, I prefer the top level , Sharp racing lifter that I imported from Australia. It has many features and can also take my ride on lawn mower. cost me 80,000 Baht

    The Thai bike lifters are blue with yellow strip. I fitted wheels to the Thai lifters and they can be pushed around with a bike on. Good for 450 KG.
    The Sharp lifter is the red one.
    I would like 20,000 each.
    If I sell them I will import another Sharp lifter

  6. I bought my Direct Lift from Chris @ East Coast Choppers Jomtien for 34,500 in 2006 ... & still working fine ..:)

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