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  1. Good Morning EVERY ONE...i'm back and kicking 100% Alive

    NOW,, as you might remember me from the "Past" i was 136Kg small giant....
    NOW i'm 99KG and 150% more powerful than before and I do work with Royal Thai Police every day,,,and any one need help or assistant, I will do my best to help every person in LEGAL WAY....:shock:

    and of course any one passing by in my small area Khueng Nai,, let me know (If you wish) for snack and water or beer for you, we do not have coffee place in Here So nearest is in Ubon Town and Favorite CoffeeFood Place is Peppers restaurantCoffee & Cake GPS 15.23'96.37" N 104.85'46.31" E

    And Of course our agreement for 10% discount for any person for Medical items from our Wholesale & Pharmacy GPS 15°23'42.00"N 104°33'8.88"E
    Open 08.30-20.00 (8.30am-8Pm) TUESDAYS CLOSED.
    Discount will ONLY Apply when one is coming with Bike or know me.. (When of course my wife will inform me,,,,lol)

    Have a fantastic time on the road BUT ride safely Day or Night time:p

    Regarding my self,, I'm OFF from Touring around TH as i'm busy with my work and Pharmacy,,, longest ride for me is 2 way to UBON,,wonderful 80Km ride now and then..
  2. Hi Colin
    It's nothing to do with recovery, that accident happen last year and was gone last year, this year is only for business and nothing else than making business bigger and expanding and making more money,,, last 12yrs party,drinking and riding is behind and i'm BACK to my business life and providing customer service as much we can....

    Hope you dealing with ok and getting back to riding so i will have 1 to follow up from inet when i have time from my work....
  3. Marco
    Good to see you back on the road fully recovered.
    Take care & see you around.
  4. Congratulation on being the new Marco...Light.
    Are you still muscling around the BMW Panzermobile?
  5. Hi Marco, I wasn't sure if you were in Khiang Noi or not, so now you are back I will try to get over there. I'll give you a call first to be sure you are in.
    Cheers, Peter
  6. Hi Friends, hi Marco,

    Happy to learn your back again, me too in LOS since 23 rd of June after having acquiring a new steel horse (read a HD Electra Gide Ultra Classic)...

    If anyone cross around Cha Am, please let me know, would be delighted to welcome !
  7. Good Morning Every one & Thank you very mush of your nice replies as always in here and YES i'm here every day,, meaning home,,, as I Do NOT Travel any more unless my work requires....
    and yes i Take my "Panzarwagen" in and out from Garage to Check point every day,,

    My life is fantastic and small from 2011 until i will be in the "box",,,life is so nice,quiet and my mobile phone has been through to garbage bin,,as there is life with out mobile phones and can be contacted like before,,in 1980'' other way than mobile phones what did not exist those times.

    and funny part in my life is now that i teach kids age of 8 English and that is lot of fun and interesting,,,
  8. Hi Marco.Good to see you recovered and lighter and fitter... way to go.
    Hope to see you again.. I would say ride with you but i never managed that last time in Petchabun. 555
  9. Hi Matey

    Well those things happen and it wsa nice ride and seeing you,,, my life is changed also and that Do Not include rides any more,, more than from house to work and back (1km one way...LOL) and if i'm really in to LONG ride, i ride to Ubon and back,,40km one way and thats it,, never more...
  10. You just sound terrific, full of energy, Marco. So you are with the tourist police?
    Would be interesting to hear from time to time a little bit more about it. Not so much the juicy staff but problems / observations which might give a deeper clue about how things work. Simply things which one would otherwise miss because no paper will report on it.
  11. hi PICO

    No i have nothing to do with Tourist Police,, they are just well,, escort show business as i work with including jails time to time and together with Royal Thai Police.

    life is good and busy and just what i like a lot,,,together with busy pharmaceutical business...
    just like the life have to be,,,LOL
  12. Happy to hear your doing well and are busy
  13. Hi Ray

    Life is nice when is something to do and i love to be very busy every day and do something for family and of course to our Pharmaceutical business as we are only one in our "neighborhood" who have Pharmacy in present on shop all the time we are open,, not similar to normal Thai style pharmacy what is kept busy by mom's and dad's and NON Licensed people,, just mainly some relatives,,,,and EXPANSION is designer table at this time,, so will see what future will bring...

    Hows Udon now days?

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