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  1. Recently I posted a request for advice on getting a bit more out of a dragstar 400. I got good advice I was listening and I want to thank everyone. At the time I psoted that the top end on the bike was 120. I just got ti back and did 120 in thirde gear. I didn't push it past taht wasn;t in a good palce to that. But obviusly still has oem left. That was what I w looking for my normal riding is 90 to 110. Now I can quickly.

    In the end it was very simple stuff, one was to change the windshield I went to a smaller one again made for tuk tuks, but as I was advised it was not the size. but the angle, this one cuts through the wind and doesn't push it.

    Changed the plugs, cleaned the carbs checked the manifold for leaks.

    Total cost was 2100 Baht and hat included new bearings for the front end.

    Didn't change the weight ratio, basically I'm a rolling tool box, so ordering a proper tool kit for the bike will help a little bit more. I'm still going to get K&N filter, but the truth is it is now a ego thing. I have what I needed.

    I have scrapped the idea of the exhaust system that would be very expensive and I have met my goal already.

    So again thanks to all of yuo for your input, made all the difference in the world
  2. Hi Ray
    How much is a new exhaust system ? You said it was expensive.
  3. The ones I was looking at Cobra and ome others are in the states roughly $400 to $ 500 and then you still got to get them here.

    I could get them made here for a bit less, but I have no idea if it would get me what I was looking for. I think basically they would be straight pipes not so sure thats a good idea.

    I think you have to have the proper back pressure but I'm just guessing
  4. Hi Ray
    You are right 400-500US sounds a bit pricy. The reason is asked you is that i have been looking for pipes for my Dragstar. Are you guys from up north coming down for the Nonchaburi Bike week ?

  5. Hi Ray,

    Congrats on getting the bike running sweet - and without throwing big $$$ at it. Well done.

    For the exhaust, you are right, a straight through system will kill your torque curve and give you a bike that only runs decently on full throttle. Why not chat to some of the local Thai riders and see if there is a shop that fabricates exhaust systems locally? You'd probably find one and could then discuss getting a set of pipes made up. Alternatively, there is a great guy here in Chiang Mai who makes pipes to your specs and at a good price. The only thing is, he needs the bike so you'd have to come up here for a few days - good excuse for a ride eh! ;)


  6. Jan I'm sure omeody will be although I post all the rides I'm just trying to help I don't go on them all. Limited with my back.

    Lucky and Dil are the real bike week guys they are extremley helpful to us. Dil plans the routes and lucky rides sweep for the new guys, sort of mother hen. Both great guys.

    So unless there is a conflict I'm sure some of the guys will be there. Watch the Issan section, I will post advance notice on there.

    My four goals for this season are Chaing Mai, Cahing Rai bike weeks, haven't made that yet. Tour Ayyuthaya and ride Mae hung Son. attend the festival of lights again in NKP, been once worth going back. Maybe I will get it done and maybe I won't :lol:
  7. Pikey I have made here before for other bikes. The guy is good, But the back pressure is not something I really understand. If I could explain what I wanted he would make it.

    But I get the K&N filter in this week, which as it turns out now is just icing on the cake.

    This guy made performance exhaust for my 150 Phantom went from a 140 bike to 160.

    But I may have enough I will wait and see.
  8. Hi Ray
    Where did you get your new filter from and who made the exhaust for your Phantom ?
    Will keep an eye on the Isaan section.

  9. The exhaust was custom made here in Udon.

    There are lots of guys around who are sharp on two cycles.

    RE: K& N Air Filter/FASTCORNERWednesday, September 10, 2008 11:32

    Fast Corner is on the net Thay ar an autorized distributor and will mail it to you.




    By the way they wanted 6,000 baht for the same filter here in Udon.
  10. Thanks Ray, will have a look on the net for fast corner.

  11. Talking about loud pipes - several people here had to pay a 1000 THB fine because of loud pipes, and no talking about it, like 200 THB on the spot. No, they had to go to the station, and got a receipt. Looks like they're cracking down on MC noise here in Hua Hin. Hope they give tickets to those noisy trucks, too.
  12. Same here in CNX. I got pulled about a month ago on my Bonnie at one of the now frequent controls. After the cop sussed I had a plate, he started to rev the bike and was saying too loud, too loud. I have a set of custom made silencers which are a bit "fruity" but I quickly bullsh*tted him and told him they came from the Triumph shop and he was happy enough. I've heard a similar story from someone else here in CNX so seems like the BiB are getting more inventive in finding ways to raise their dosh!


  13. well put on the K&N filter today 90 to 115 in heart beat all I was looking for.

    So you can color me a happy camper. 8)

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