I'm looking for Kawasaki 1400GTR

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Marco, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys

    Has any one seen LEGAL 1400GTR, maybe -08 on sale recently? if so i would be intrested, need to have BOOK what i will verify with Trasportation office before buying.

    Guide me to right direction,,pls :wink:
  2. I emailed Kawasaki Thailand and they said they will not be bringing in the GTR1400. But I was in one of the local bike shops last week and the owner, who is usually clued up, said you can get a new legal one for 830,000B in Bangkok. Don't know where but I can ask if you want next time I see him. Red Baron also used to have photos of one on their website so they can probably get you one. Seen a few ZX/ZZR 1400 but no GTRs.
  3. Hi Tubber

    yes i have seen few in Red Baron as well, i monitor most of the pages daily but recently have not seen any ne sale,,,

    i been told that there is one -08 on sale in Udont thani with book and low milage abt 560K

    but i dont have rush, so im just looking if there would be any and in desent price tag
  4. Hi Marco
    I saw a ZX14 in Tech 21 a few months back in Udon. Is the GTR for sale in Udon in one of the bike shops or privately? I am going across to Udon tomorrow and will keep my eyes open.
  5. Tubber

    it's private sale, heard from one of the mechanic, but cant remember his name..i'm still in SG so it's no rush yet,,

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