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  1. Ladies and gents, I'm off to the land of smiles for Xmas, getting a bit worried about what to do for a month in Chumpae, thought perhaps a little ride around on the Honda wave, started looking into places I could visit and came across Gt riders.

    What fantastic bunch you are, I've looked at all the rides you have done and take my cap off to you all, amazing looking place's you've been, I thought my run down to Monza this year via the Alps was special, I'm humbled by your trips. So now I'm going get up to Chang Mai and ride across to the wife's place, as long as I'm not in Bar she doesn't mind.

    I shall purchase a t shirt and where it with pride, I look forward to telling you all about it, maybe I will have the pleasure of bumping into you on route...

    Many thanks

    Chris :thumbup: :thumbup:
  2. Chris
    Welcome to GT Rider. I'm glad you appreciate the content & info on GT Rider, all aimed to help fellow riders & build up a nice motorcycle touring community.
    Please keep in touch & look "us" when you get to Chiang Mai.
    1. The Kafe late morning / early arvo for brekky.
    2. The X-Centre for MotoGP & F1, + regular happy hours with Bungy the Ambassador
    3. Miguels every 2nd Wednesday for Mexican food & a good "natter."
    4. Euro Diner for late night drinks with Gary & Well.
  3. Thanks David, the plans are coming along well, booked the bike and got your maps via your site, big help. I have been reading all the post's gathering info and trying to make my mind up where to go, I must have changed my mind 100 times already, so I'm going to just go with the flow and a basic plan. Ensure I'm protected as best I can, be safe and don't be hooligan.

    The plan is to head North from Chiang mai (10.12.10) up to the Golden Triangle View point, from there try to hug the border all the way to Udon and finally Chumpae. I'm not sure what I will do for the next ten days, but I still have to ride back to CM and do the loop, what a way to spend Xmas......Brilliant.

    If any body's going for a ride over that period it would be a pleasure to meet you, if not maybe a beer in CM.

    It's getting cold in the UK, roll on Xmas..

    safe riding...
  4. There will definately be lot of people going for rides over that period.
    If you keep us in touch with what you are doing as you have started, and by all means lets meet up in the Kafe sometime early in your trip, and you will certainly find some people you will gell with.
    Look forward to meeting you. Any by the way it can be cold over here in December, but what Thai people call cold and what UK people call cold are not quite the same, but you will need a good jacket if you are out in mountain areas early morning, or evenings in some areas, like Loei.
  5. Hi Corbay

    Will you still be around Chumphae early Jan?

    I'll be there on the 2nd for a month and looking at getting up to Chaing Mai for a week. Not sure what I'll be riding up. I left a Phantom behind last year but I've got no idea what condition it'll be in now. :think:
  6. Thanks Fellas will keep you posted with dates, one I no for sure is I'm flying home the 3rd jan just going to miss you Tahann, small world hey! will be on my way back to SE20...

    leaving CM 11/12/2010, destination Chumpae via where ever, do want to see the GT view point and then it's a leisurely ride to the wife's, spend a couple days there then head off again. Buying the wife presents on the way of course...

    Looking forward to it...

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