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  1. Hello Guys ,
    just got back from UK with a suitcase full of goodies for my ducati.

    I was knocked off last week in England by a woman driver doing an illegal U turn , she did not stop and the cops did not bother to find her. Luckily the Monster 750 was OK just a broken footrest , but I have a broken foot , bruised hip and loads of pain.

    Oh and get this , all the parts i have brought here for the Ducati Monster s4 dont fit it . i bought all the stuff from a UK dealer gave him the model, year and frame numbers he checked on the computer but all the stuff , a sprocket , carbon pipes , etc etc dont fit. I will have to cut the pipes by 12mm to fit , and wait for another sprocket, some of the other bits I may be able to bodge. ****up or what.

  2. thanks for the imfo jerry..i was going to bring some bike bits over when i come next year...from NZ... dont think i will bother now.cheers
  3. I have managed to get the Termi pipes to fit , there was a crushed old gasket in the header pipe blocking the way,,but they sound crap, the belly pan fits but it hits the front wheel at high speed braking,
    The sprocket is for an MV agusta not a ducati

    mai pen rai, dont let my experience put u off bringing bits they are not always available here or expensive

  4. I have a lot of gear sent in to Thailand over the years and these guys so far have been the best http://www.calsportbike.com/ Most gear gets through with out any tax just order a few parts at a time. Incase customs decide to rob you. I have been sent K&N filters Power commander. TRE. SS lines. grips all from Calsports and didnt have any problems at all.

    On the hand dont ever order from these guys http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/Honda ... ories.cfml as they are over priced and a bunch of lieing wankers that took about four months to get my parts

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